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More from Rock to Road | Roads and Paving | Events July 19, 2013
Ritchie Bros. president to retire
After 28 years of service in Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers, president Rob Mackay will retire on Oct. 31, 2013. Mackay will transition from day-to-day duties and then retire as an employee.
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John Deere John Deere Power Systems receives certification
Deere’s Power Systems engine lineup has received Final Tier 4/Stage IV emissions certification for regulations that come into play next year. Four of Deere’s PowerTech model engines are the first off-highway engines to receive the certification, which requires an 80 per cent reduction in nitrogen oxides.
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$1M for additional paving on Westside Road
Paving work on Westside Road in British Columbia will receive an additional $1 million, on top of the more than $5 million already invested in work underway on the road. Roughly five kilometres of intermittent paving will be carried out, smoothing out the ride and improving safety for residents and tourists.
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Talbert Talbert 6-axle steer dolly
The 6-axle steer dolly from Talbert Manufacturing offers versatility, additional steering control and capacity to handle self-supporting loads for different sectors within the industry. Developed initially for use with Talbert's double schnabel to haul wind energy components, the steer dolly can now be used as a stand-alone product for alternate trailer configurations.
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ALLU New ALLU stabilizing system
The ALLU PMX Power Mixer, PF Pressure Feeder and DAC Data Acquisition Control System make up the ALLU stabilizing system, which increases the strength and dynamic stiffness of soft soil, improving its engineering characteristics while remediating contaminated soil.
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