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More from Aggregates & Roadbuilding | Roads and Paving | Events March 15, 2013
B.C. announces funding for northern highway upgrades
The government of British Columbia has announced significant investments for its highway infrastructure in the northwest part of the province.
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Lavis Contracting honoured by MTO
Find out about the project that landed Lavis Contracting with the honour of the MTO’s 2012 Paver of the Year.
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Honeywell unveils newest asphalt additive product
The new Honeywell Titan asphalt additives are highway-tested, and provide significant reductions in fuel costs and emissions.
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Ritchie Bros. find success in Edmonton
Ritchie Bros.' latest auction at its Edmonton facility generated over $57 million in heavy machinery and construction equipment sales.
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Focus on energy pays off
From the pages of Aggregates & Roadbuilding magazine, David Arkell of 360 Energy talks about the financial benefits of investing in energy efficiencies.
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