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New homes and roads will need pits and quarries: OSSGA

January 17, 2023  By Norman Cheeseman

The proximity of pits and quarries to job sites is important. The Ontario Chamber of Commerce recently released a study that found that crushed-stone reserves from licensed sites are being depleted quickly. Within 10 years, material will have to travel from 110 kilometres away, 75 km. more than the current average travel distance. This will result in higher costs, higher GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions, and, more likely than not, longer times to complete projects.

New sites, close to market, which can take up to 10 years to approve, are required to meet the needs of future Ontarians.

You can read Norman Cheesman’s entire opinion piece in the Toronto Star here

Despite the claims of naysayers, aggregate extraction is one of the safest, and most highly regulated industries in Ontario, and the regulations here are among the most rigorous of almost anywhere else in the world. In addition to studies by hydrogeologists, ecologists and air and noise engineers, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry must approve a rehabilitation plan before a site is even licensed to operate.


(Toronto Star / Norman Cheesman is the Executive Director of the Ontario Stone, Sand & Gravel Association)

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