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New double-drum asphalt compactors from Volvo

May 2, 2013  By Aggregates and Roadbuilding

volvo_double_drumMay 2, 2013, Des Moines, Iowa – Volvo offers a range of double-drum asphalt
compactors – the DD110B, DD120B and DD140B — all of which are designed
to handle a variety of applications and conditions and deliver a smooth, even mat in fewer passes.

The machines offer dual amplitude settings, letting operators adjust drum forces when material depth changes. Eight amplitude settings are available to adjust amplitude as circumstances vary with a hand wheel located inside the end of each drum. When operators select the appropriate amplitude setting, the machine automatically matches that setting with an appropriate frequency, inducing higher forces at lower amplitudes.

Powerful efficiency

These compactors are equipped with the Volvo D4 engine, which follows Tier 4i emissions standards, providing strong, fuel-efficient performance with power in reserve. Propulsion comes in the form of a closed loop hydrostatic parallel circuit to both drums, which are fitted with heavy-duty radial piston motors. Travel speeds go up to 7 mph (11.3 km/h), and vibration automatically engages or disengages when pre-set speed thresholds are reached. When an operator selects the automatic operational mode, eccentric rotation is matched to the direction of travel, helping eliminate the possibility operators will forget to adjust the setting.


The compactors feature two independent water systems, each with its own primary and back-up spray bar. The pressurized water system provides consistent water flow to the drum surfaces, eliminating asphalt build-up that would require time-consuming and costly rework. The water flow is adjustable, and water can be conserved, reducing the time taken for water refills.

Safe and comfortable

The operator area provides an unobstructed, all-around view, improving safety for personnel on the ground. The vibration-isolated operator platform and ergonomic layout of controls contribute to a low-fatigue work environment. The operator sits in a ROPS/FOPS protected structure with a console that can be rotated 180 degrees. A console-mounted impact spacing meter allows operators to adjust travel speeds to maintain proper asphalt smoothness.

Maintenance and service

Maintenance is simplified with a swing-up hood that allows for easy, ground-level access to the engine and hydraulic components. Lockable covers protect the operator console, while lockable engine hood, fuel cap, water fill cap and deck access doors help deter theft and vandalism.

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