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New compact dust suppression technology from BossTek

January 19, 2021  By Rock to Road

The DustBoss Atom is a fan-less, self-contained design with remote control and 4G LTE telematics.

Peoria, Ill. – BossTek launched its new DustBoss Atom which is designed to help in mobile dust suppression.

With a throw of 100 feet (30 metres), the adjustable elevation angle and user-defined oscillation allow precise aiming of a powerful dust-capturing mist, which is comprised of millions of droplets per minute in the range of 50-200 microns.

The new design is well suited to waste transfer, recycling and port applications.

It is a fan-less, self-contained design that incorporates remote control and 4G LTE telematics technologies as standard equipment to deliver a combination of suppression and monitoring. The compact, diesel-powered unit fits in the back of a pickup truck, so it can be quickly positioned and relocated to address dust-generating activity directly at the source. It also has forklift pockets on the front and back.

“This machine is well suited to demolition projects, recycling operations, transfer stations, bulk material processing, ports/shipping applications, quarrying/crushing, biomass handling, concrete curing and even indoor operations where significant air movement may be undesirable,” said BossTek Vice-President of Sales Mike Lewis.


The portable size and easy mobility make the Atom an excellent solution for demolition projects.

The Atom features a Kohler KD440 power plant, a 9.1 horsepower air-cooled engine that meets Tier-IV Final emissions standards and complies with California CARB requirements. A unique air filtration system increases performance and lengthens service intervals, even in dusty environments. Its integrated fuel injection system and overhead cam design are coupled with a cast iron cylinder liner for consistent, reliable service. The engine and pump subassembly is secured by four isolation mounts that minimize vibration transfer to the frame. The high-impact stainless steel nozzle features a quick disconnect for easy replacement.

“In addition to its compact size, what really sets this unit apart from other designs is the built-in communications features,” Lewis continued. “The hand-held remote controls virtually every function, and the telematics provide a web-based platform to monitor status and streamline service and support.

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