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New Cat 793 features best-in-class payload, increased fuel efficiency and faster cycle times

November 2, 2022  By Caterpillar

Building on a foundation of nearly 6,000 trucks sold, the new Cat® 793 offers up to 6% more payload than the 793F and boasts the highest payload in its size class, up to 244 tonnes (265 tons). The available High Performance (HP) Body design further reduces empty machine weight to increase payload capacity.

Increased productivity combines with industry-leading powertrain efficiency to deliver up to 10% more fuel efficiency than competitive trucks and up to a 5% lower fuel consumption compared to the 793F. A choice of full or economy mode settings fine-tunes power needs to the task at hand. Full integration of all Cat components, software, systems and engine ensures the entire truck can be fully optimized to deliver the lowest cost per ton.

Maximum performance

With a top speed of 60 km/h (37 mph), the new Cat 793 offers up to 10% faster cycle times than competitive trucks. It travels at a class-leading speed of 12.9 km/h (8 mph) on 10% grades and can navigate a maximum 25% grade fully loaded. Enhanced automatic retarding control automatically selects optimum speed based on grade, payload and brake oil temperature to increase speed up to 25% during retarding.


Offering maximum uptime availability, the Cat C175-16 engine powering the new 793 has more than 21 million operating field hours and can achieve over 3.8 million litres (1 million gallons) of fuel burn before overhaul. Its new Cat enhanced oil filtration system increases engine life, eliminates cartridge filter changes and allows for extended oil change intervals. With its gross 1976 kW (2,650 hp) rating, the engine can be ordered in U.S. EPA Tier 2 equivalent or Tier 4 Final/EU Stage 5 configurations to meet any region’s emissions standards.

Simplifying truck operation, advanced speed controls allow the operator to set the desired machine speed and control it with a rotary dial, allowing the powertrain to automatically select the optimum gear and engine speed. The 793’s Advanced Power Electronic Control Strategy transmission maintains forward momentum and torque while shifting with optimum gear selection, providing faster acceleration times.

Improvements to the Cat Payload system on the 793 deliver more accurate payload measurement and monitoring. Available operator speed coaching helps the operator achieve the truck’s maximum potential. The optional AutoHoist lowers fuel burn and simplifies body dump by automating four continuous operator hand and foot inputs into two easy hand inputs to reduce dump cycle times by up to 12 seconds.

Various body style configurations for the 793 offer the best value for the mine. The HP Body offers up to 2.5 tonnes (2.75 tons) payload improvement over the Mine Specific Design (MSD) body, while the MSD II Body excels in mature mines. Robust structural elements unite with geometric and steel efficiencies to create the durable, high-volume Coal Body.

Autonomy boosts productivity

The new Cat 793 delivers cutting-edge connectivity with fully integrated Cat electronics featuring 100 Mbps, two-wire ethernet connectivity for faster data transfer, improving access to information. With its future-proof technology platform, every truck is shipped factory-equipped with Cat Product Link Elite™ with standard 4G/LTE cellular connectivity or optional dual mode cellular/satellite or local Wi-Fi networks for reliable data transfer.

A fully integrated factory offering for the next generation 793, the autonomous haulage system, Cat MineStar™ Command for hauling, can increase truck productivity by more than 20%. More than 550 Cat autonomous trucks are in service and have safely hauled over 5 billion tonnes of material. Compared to staffed trucks, miners have reported up to 11% better fuel efficiency, up to 35% more tire life and near-continuous truck utilization.

The 793 offers easier integration of the available suite of MineStar telematics solutions. The offering includes MineStar Fleet, the next generation of fleet dispatching system; MineStar Detect camera vision system with optional 360-degree surround view; and MineStar Health equipment insights.

Operator- and safety-focused environment

The new 793 shares a common cab and next gen technology design with the 785 and 789 truck models, offering the same familiar driving and operating experience. Two ideally located 254-mm (10-in) screens consolidate all machine data, controls and guidance information, and applications such as Cat MineStar, to reduce the number of required displays. An available advanced filtration system includes optional high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters to reduce respirable dust penetration by 96%.

A host of confidence-building operator controls include configurable second gear start that monitors grade and payload to determine if the 793 can automatically start in second gear, improving drivability and durability and using less fuel. Reducing tire wear and damage, enhanced traction control increases control responsiveness and power to the ground to improve machine controllability and performance. An available anti-lock brake system helps maintain the travel path when sliding, and dynamic stability control monitors operator steering intention and machine motion to keep the machine tracking.

Standard Cat Detect – Object Detection combines radar and camera systems to warn operators of light vehicles and stationary hazards within the truck’s immediate vicinity. The optional in-cab Driver Safety System features technology that instantly detects and alerts operators the moment fatigue or distraction are identified. Eliminating two-foot hill starts and reducing collision potential, the truck’s hill start keeps the truck stationary on grades and anti-rollback automatically stops the truck when rolling in the opposite direction of the selected gear.

Reduced downtime key contributors

The 793’s design reduces key downtime factors. Its new modular HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system improves durability by 20% and can be swapped within an hour without an HVAC technician, improving physical availability by up to 0.5%. Remote Troubleshoot allows secure remote access to service and machine data for troubleshooting and diagnostics. Remote Flash optimizes equipment performance and productivity with the latest software and decreases downtime for software installation by as much as 50%.

Designed to last over 100,000 hours, the 793’s long-life frame features mild steel to provide flexibility, durability and resistance to impact loads, and the frame, powertrain, engine and components are built to be rebuilt. The addition of centrifugal oil and self-cleaning filters extend oil change intervals and offer up to 67% reduction in annual oil consumption. The 793’s improved service center, grouped ground-level maintenance and checkpoints, and 1,000-hour hydraulic filters combine to save time on regular maintenance procedures.

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