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New brands support construction entertainment and equipment sales

November 3, 2020  By Rock to Road

Nathan Medcalf.

Nathan Medcalf is launching several new brands to serve the construction industry. The first brand will unite several digital properties including heavy equipment fan page, Heavy Equipment Junkies and Construction News News—a show that intersects construction news with media profiles and analysis—under the umbrella Nathan Medcalf Media.

“These properties are not a good fit for Nathan Medcalf Freelance, which provides content creation, content marketing and media relations services for mostly international original equipment manufacturers, equipment dealers and others in the construction industry,” says Medcalf. “Plus, I’m excited to announce the launch of a new segment to Construction News News—an animated news anchor-style show.”

The show will run four minutes in length and will be posted every Thursday beginning November 19 on the Nathan Medcalf Media YouTube page and in the Construction Links Network newsletter. Each show will feature the top headlines and hashtags in the construction industry, as well as heavy equipment in action and news analysis.

Now, Construction News News and Heavy Equipment Junkies will appear on the same YouTube and LinkedIn pages under Nathan Medcalf Media but appear separately on Facebook.


Medcalf is also launching Nathan Medcalf Equipment to promote and sell several original equipment brands: Lutec, Global Recycling Equipment and tinbin.

“Since starting Nathan Medcalf Freelance, numerous companies have approached me to help them promote and sell their products. Then Lutec approached me and now I believe I have a stable of quality equipment large enough to create a brand dedicated to promoting and selling them.”

Global Recycling Equipment is a leader in the shredding industry and the inventor Vertical Shredder and of the Eidal and Saturn shredder lines. Lutec offers the most efficient and cost-effective solution to milling indoors and in small spaces. tinbin is a low-cost and convenient alternative to vac trucks.

“With my services divided into these three brands, I have dedicated channels for all of my clients in the construction industry,” says Medcalf. “This will help people find the creative services, news entertainment, and equipment solutions they need.”

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