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Modular steel bridge connects Ontario communities

June 21, 2021  By Rock to Road Staff

Bolingbroke Bridge. Photo: Acrow

Acrow, an international bridge engineering and supply company, is highlighting the fact that one of its modular steel bridges has been installed to replace an aging structure over a stream in Tay Valley Township, a remote region about 90 kilometres southwest of Ottawa.

The crossing connects two communities and continued access is essential; without a bridge, a lengthy detour would mean inconvenience for residents and critically impact response time of emergency vehicles.

The single-lane Bolingbroke Bridge was of unknown age and had been repaired or rehabilitated numerous times over more than four decades.

After a 2018 inspection of the structure found severely deteriorated components, a weight restriction was imposed and a full replacement recommended.


Acrow’s modular panel bridge proved an ideal solution for the project. Firstly, it fulfilled the need for minimal concrete work (foundations only). This benefit, combined with the speed of assembly on-site using prefabricated components, ensured  the construction process would be quick. The construction area was remote and consideration had to be given to ease of transporting bridge materials to site, ideally using compact modular components, rather than large steel or concrete beam sections on narrow rural roads.

Furthermore, it was estimated there would be reduced overall costs when compared to building with conventional reinforced concrete slab on steel or concrete girder systems.

The 42.7 meter (140’) single-lane bridge is 5.5 meters (18’) wide and has a steel deck with asphalt overlay.

It is designed for a 75-year design life in accordance with the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code.

The bridge was designed to accommodate an upward slope of 4.27% from the north abutment to the south and installed using a crane-assisted launch, with guidance from Acrow’s site representative. Total construction time for the superstructure was eight working days with a five-man crew, with the bridge opening in November 2020.

“We have been providing durable, permanent infrastructure solutions across Canada for decades,” said Gordon Scott, Director of Operations and Sales, Acrow Canada. “Our steel bridges are constructed of high-strength galvanized steel and designed and built to withstand the harshest elements, virtually maintenance free, for a service life of 75 – 100 years or more.”

Bill Killeen, CEO of Acrow Bridge added, “Acrow bridges are built to last. Assembled in days or weeks, our durable solutions utilize high-strength, prefabricated modular components and are an ideal option suitable for rapid-build, cost-effective permanent bridging needs in a wide range of applications.”

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