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Modernize your aggregate dispatch at Quarry Tech Moncton!

April 2, 2019  By  Andrew Snook

In 2005 Noah Dolgoy founded a construction company in Alberta, where he discovered that heavy equipment was being subcontracted and managed through archaic dispatch processes: phone calls, spreadsheets, and paper tickets. Seven years after leaving the company – earning a JD/MBA and supporting corporate due diligence in mining and infrastructure – Noah returned to the problem with a belief that common technology could solve the problems he experienced. Noah created a web and mobile platform that connected contractors, suppliers and haulers – TREAD.

In 2016 the TREAD mobile app and cloud-based platform was built alongside, and for, the construction industry. The team spent 2.5 years working with truck drivers, dispatchers, supply chain managers, vice-presidents of operations and owners to generate a novel data set that would allow contractors and suppliers to modernize the way they do business with their subcontractor hauling partners. Central to this was creating a secure, transparent and user-friendly experience for all.

Questions to be addressed at Quarry Tech Moncton:
● Will aggregate haulers use this?
● Who in North America is adopting this?
● What applications/companies do this?
○ Building our own solution vs. partnering
● How will this affect my business?

At Rock to Road’s upcoming Quarry Tech forum, Noah will establish what dynamic (mobile/web) dispatch of subcontractors is and why people are seeing out a solution like this. He will provide context of what was possible two to five years ago, and what is possible now. 


This presentation will provide a holistic view of technology use in the aggregate industry. Noah will talk about multiple companies launching mobile-based applications and web platforms to support aggregate supply chains and workflows – focusing on what is motivating this across the aggregate and trucking industries.

This session will include a case study on TREAD’s work with Lafarge GTA Aggregates related to subcontractor hauler safety.

Presenter bio:
Serial accidental entrepreneur, former corporate lawyer and infrastructure financier, Noah is the CEO and founder of Tread, a Toronto-based construction technology company founded in 2016. Tread is a mobile application and cloud platform that provides visibility and performance metrics for subcontractors. The team is focused on solving compliance and operational challenges around material movement. Noah and his team are eager to unlock simple but powerful solutions to track aggregate, asphalt, soil, salt, etc. and identify operational efficiencies for hauling material.

Who should attend Quarry Tech?
• Quarry and sand & gravel pit operations managers and owners
• Process engineers
• Optimization staff
• Researchers
• Design consultants
• Fleet managers

What will you learn at Quarry Tech Moncton?
• Processing fines within the crushing circuit;
• Wash screen optimization: Making water work for you; 
• Modernizing aggregate dispatch: Solutions built for subcontracted haulers;
• The benefits of Legal-For-Trade wheel loader scales for government contracts;
• Prolonging operating life in rolling components;
• A look at the Volvo CE/Skanska Sweden electric site quarry project; and
• Solving real world aggregates production issues with information management software.

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