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MHCA, MI agree on micro-surfacing specification, strike steering committee

February 8, 2019  By MHCA

Photo: MHCA

Manitoba Infrastructure (MI) has agreed to establish with the heavy construction industry a joint MHCA/MI specification steering committee.

The committee’s mandate would be to oversee any proposed initiatives or issues raised by either party, including those concerning bituminous paving, concrete paving, aggregates, grading, culvert jacking, traffic, environmental, general conditions, bidding procedures or liquidated damages.

At an industry/MI meeting Tuesday, it was decided that MI will proceed with the micro-surfacing specification, effectively codifying what has been in existence for years in special provisions. There was consensus around the table that this was appropriate.

It is expected the new steering committee would have 4-5 representatives from each of MHCA and MI and meet 2 to 3 times per year. Identified topics could be referred to sub-committee(s) and would be returned to the joint spec review committee (and/or the MHCA Highways Committee) for final review prior to implementation.


The MHCA company representatives were named and the individuals from the companies are to be confirmed.

MI is looking, specifically, for industry comment on concrete pavement specs, contractor mix design, end of season issues and any other matter the industry may identify.

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