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Materials producers maximizing profitability through wet processing technology

January 14, 2020  By CDE

Jan. 14, 2020 – CDE is set to launch the latest in its range of Combo all-in-one wet processing solutions at CONEXPO-CON/AGG in March 2020.

First unveiled in Europe in April 2019, the latest model in the Combo range will have several enhanced features that have been specifically designed to enable operators in the Americas to capitalize on new opportunities, including realizing the commercial potential of incorporating CDE wet processing technology and the patented Combo into existing mining and quarrying operations in North and Latin America.

CDE’s wet processing technologies support materials producers to gain competitive advantage in their markets by not only maximizing the volume of resources, but also their commercial value.

To maximize profitability CDE has engineered its wet processing solutions to minimize inefficiencies and optimize plant processes.


“At CDE, we are proud to deliver optimized operations for maximum yields and fast returns for our clients. Our high-performance solutions maximize resources and add huge commercial value to our customers’ enterprises, with the innovative Combo having led the way in a new era of wet processing,” said Eoin Heron, business development director, CDE North America. “We are looking forward to launching the latest Combo model at CONEXPO-CON/AGG, directly to the very market that inspired it. This next generation plant will deliver significant commercial benefits while minimizing operational costs.”

With almost total independence of water supply, the Combo can recycle up to 90% of process water for immediate recirculation and re-use with the system, meaning it requires on a small top-up water supply compared to traditional systems which typically consume 10-15 times more water requiring significant investment in water reserves, supply and infrastructure.

Powered by sustainable all-electric drives, the Combo is an energy efficient system. Operating as a standalone unit, in the absence of a CDE pre-screen, the Combo requires 67 per cent less energy to power its water pump. These energy efficiencies mean materials producers can ensure their plant is running at optimum utilization, processing higher volumes of material for exceptional return on investment.

Built onto one single, compact chassis which incorporates five processes, the Combo is a plug and play system. Pre-wired and pre-tested, it arrives on site ready to process material within days.

Its footprint, which is on average, 30 per cent smaller in area when compared to the traditional wash plant set-up, means the Combo can be rapidly deployed. Importantly, this makes the Combo easier to derig and relocate so that sand can be produced closer to where concrete is required resulting in considerable cost savings in transportation.

In recognition of the ever-changing requirements of materials producers, CDE is currently offering price per ton finance options for its fully customized and turnkey wet processing solutions.

Adapted to support the commercial aims and objectives of operators in the North and Latin American markets, these hassle-free finance options enable business owners to modernize their operations with next-generation sand washing equipment including CDE’s pioneering patented Combo all-in-one wet processing and water management system.

For more information about CDE, the Combo or its price per ton finance options, visit CDE at ConExpo 2020, where the team will be located at booth S-5435 or visit

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