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Manitoba invests $1.9M for bridges under MRBP program

February 8, 2017  By  Andrew Snook

February 8, 2017 – The Government of Manitoba recently announced it is investing more than $1.9 million in 10 projects to build and repair municipal bridges across the province.

“These projects represent strategic investments in infrastructure that respond to local priorities and provide long-term economic benefits by enabling the smooth flow of traffic,” said Indigenous and Municipal Relations Minister Eileen Clarke. “We will continue to improve the municipal infrastructure funding process to make it simpler and more flexible in order to ensure that provincial tax dollars support the needs of Manitoba’s communities.”

The funding for the 10 projects wil be provided through the Municipal Road and Bridge Program (MRBP). 

The projects (and the provincial contributions) include:


• Replacing the Nuisance Ground Bridge in the Municipality of Deloraine-Winchester – $19,000;
• Replacing the Lake Audy Bridge in the Municipality of Harrison Park – $146,250;
• Replacing the Zora Road Bridge in the Rural Municipality of Springfield – $565,000;
• Repairing and upgrading the Southeast Gardiner Bridge in the Municipality of Two Borders –  $55,370;
• Replacing the Tugela walking bridge in the Village of Dunnottar – $39,760;
• Repairing the Riverside Bridge in the Rural Municipality of Morris – $90,000;
• Repairing the Road 40E Bridge in the Rural Municipality of St. Clements – $210,000;
• Replacing the Harding South Bridge in the Rural Municipality of Wallace-Woodworth – $455,097;
• Repairing the Whitehead Daly Centennial Bridge in the Rural Municipality of Whitehead –  $127,650; and
• Replacing the Road 100W Bridge in the Municipality of Clanwilliam-Erickson – $221,556.

The project costs will be shared 50-50 between the province and local municipalities. Work on several of these projects is already underway.

Clarke stated that the MRBP is a new program that consolidated three previous provincial grants: the Municipal Road Improvement Program, the Grant-in-Aid Program and the Municipal Bridge Program. She added that under the new program, provincial funding has increased compared to the three separate programs and that the MRBP will offer a simpler and more flexible program that includes a new streamlined application process.

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