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Manitoba announces 2018 Municipal Road Improvement Program projects

August 3, 2018  By Government of Manitoba

The Manitoba government is investing $2.25 million in funding for municipal roads, Municipal Relations Minister Jeff Wharton announced today along with Chris Goertzen, president, Association of Manitoba Municipalities.

“Investing in municipal infrastructure ensures our communities can sustain continued, long-term growth,” said Wharton.  “Maintaining our municipal roads helps to increase economic activity, extended asset life, improve public safety and community development.  Our roads are pipelines for the flow of both goods and services, and improvements ensure that our province will continue to see increased economic activity. ”

The $2.25 million in Municipal Road Improvement Program funding was made available to ensure a smooth transition while government is restructuring program delivery models to reduce red tape, eliminate program duplication and ensure value for money, the minister said. Restructuring program delivery allows for a strategic approach to planning and budgeting for both the province and municipalities, he added. To ensure a seamless transition, 30 projects in 30 municipalities plus funding for 18 northern affairs communities have been approved in 2018 for a total of $2.25 million. In addition to this funding, over $6 million is being provided to municipalities this year from previous commitments under this program.

“There are many grant programs that are available to municipalities across government including the recently announced Canada-Manitoba Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program bilateral agreement that will provide more than $1.17 billion in federal funding over the next decade for infrastructure projects throughout Manitoba,” said Wharton.


“The AMM is pleased to be at the table working in partnership with the Province of Manitoba to select projects for this essential program,” said Goertzen. “Infrastructure remains a top priority for municipalities and we will continue to advocate for building strong communities through streamlined cost-shared infrastructure funding programs with other orders of government.”

Consultations were undertaken in September 2016 to begin a transition out of traditional capital infrastructure delivery and into a more flexible approach that gives municipalities a fair say, added Wharton.




Northern Affairs



Carman, Town

Main Street upgrade/improvements


La Broquerie, RM

2018 Carriere Road improvements


Thompson, City

Street paving in the City of Thompson


Altona, Town

10th Avenue NW concrete and drainage upgrade


Bifrost-Riverton, Muni

Road 144 between Roadd 16 and 18.5 Phase 1


Beausejour, Town

Fifth Street improvements TSP 1803


Hanover, Rm

Trans 18-07 Pansy Road


Swan River, Town

Curb gutter asphalt pavement


Niverville, Town

6th Avenue South – Phase 2 rehab


Winkler, City

Adora Avenue, Viking Road and Norland Drive


Dauphin, City

Johnston Street reconstruction


Selkirk, City

Morris Avenue between Easton and RR tracks


Brandon, City

26th Street 900 to 1000 block reconstruction


Minnedosa, Town

Second Ave. N.W. renewal


Ste. Anne, RM

Loewen Boulevard project


Clanwilliam-Erickson, Muni

Road 105W extensive rehabilitation


Mossey River, RM

Grenon Street rehabilitation


Stonewall, Town

Third Ave. S upgrade


West Interlake, Municipality

Nord Road rehabilitation – Village of Eriksdale


Coldwell, RmM

RD 14 W


Steinbach, City

2018 McKenzie Avenue renewal


Dauphin, RM

Bonk Road and Dump Road


Ste. Rose, Municipality

Elevator Street East – new construction


Stuartburn, RM

Phase 4 road rehabilitation


Teulon, Town

2018 street paving in Teulon


Boissevain-Morton, Muni

Schaffner Drive and Anderson Drive


Emerson-Franklin, Muni

Renewal/paving Emerson, Dominion City, Arnaud


Rhineland, Municipality

Blumengart compacted concrete pavement


Ste. Anne, Town

St. Alphonse resurfacing


Tache, RM

Road 48N between PTH 12 and Mun 38E


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