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Mack Trucks wants your photos for its 2022 calendar

April 28, 2021  By Rock to Road Staff

Owners of Mack trucks will have the chance to be featured in the upcoming 2022 Mack Trucks Calendar.

Mack Trucks is calling on owners to submit photos for its 2022 annual wall calendar.

Nominations are being accepted through the website starting on May 4. The deadline to submit a photo of your vehicle is June 4.

“It’s always fun to see the truck submissions by our passionate fans, whether they’re current production models or vintage models still hard at work,” said John Walsh, vice-president of North American marketing at Mack Trucks. “The annual calendar contest brings together members of the Mack family to celebrate hard work, determination and great-looking trucks.

Different categories

Nominations will be accepted in categories for each of Mack’s seven current models, including:

  • Mack Anthem
  • Granite
  • LR
  • MD
  • Pinnacle
  • Terrapro
  • Vintage trucks no longer in production

To be eligible, nominated trucks must currently be in operation in a business or trucking company. The truck must also be in routine use and trucks may not be collector or show trucks that are no longer licensed for commercial use, the company said.

Submissions and voting

Mack’s fans and followers will vote on which truck they like best in each category and can vote once per day, per category, for the duration of the contest. Entrants are encouraged to get out the vote through their own social media channels to increase their chances of winning.

Winners will receive a professional photo shoot and will be featured in the 2022 Mack Calednar.

To enter a truck in the contest, or to cast a vote, visit

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