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Literature Details Self-Cleaning Filters Which Operate without Bags or Disposable Elements

April 6, 2022  By Spencer Strainer

Spencer Strainer has recently produced a new 12-page full color catalog that details their full lineup of self-cleaning filters which operate without bags or disposable elements.

They work continuously in a sealed environment, and with no bags or elements, there is no inherent downtime for filter changes.  Eliminating disposal of elements also means that Spencer Strainers are an environmentally friendly option, helping companies meet their sustainability goals.

Wedgewire or perforated screens of various openings are available and interchangeable, allowing one strainer to be used for multiple applications. They are a reliable, cost-effective solution for many types of food processing applications, including peanut/almond butter, chocolate, pizza sauce/tomato sauce, cheese, orange juice, alcohol, and dairy products, as well as non-food products including oil, acrylic, polymers, paint, biofuel, toothpaste, caulk, bath tissue, and more.

Models are available to handle process flows from 100 GPM to 2500 GPM in Industrial, Sanitary, and 3A Dairy designs.


The new catalog can be viewed at

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