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Kochek 10-ft and 20-ft PVC suction hose excels under pressure tests

July 2, 2019  By Kochek

July 2, 2019, Putnam, C.T. – Kochek Company reports that its 10-foot and 20-foot PVC suction hose was rigorously tested and found to perform without leaks, depressurization, or decoupling, and demonstrated excellent coil memory even after 12 hours of pressure.

Kochek’s PVC suction hose is specifically designed for the firefighting market and meets the company’s proprietary fire grade specifications. All Kochek PVC suction hose in sizes 2.5″ and larger has been certified NFPA-compliant.

Test performance

When filled with over 14 gallons of water and hung vertically by the long handles of the female coupling for 12 hours, Kochek’s 10-foot PVC suction hose maintained constant pressure at the hose end. It performed without leaks and with no signs of decoupling. Stretching six inches when full, the hose returned to original length once water was removed. After an additional 12-hour test repositioned for a 90-degree attachment that simulates truck connection, vacuum was maintained when the petcock valve was opened and equalized, and no leaks or decoupling occurred.

Kochek’s 20-foot PVC suction hose, filled with nearly 30 gallons of water, duplicated the positive test results conducted for the 10-foot hose. It stretched to 12 inches under pressure with recoil to its original length when empty. Kochek recommends that a 45 or 90 degree elbow be used to support the hose end of its 20-foot hose when under full weight while attached at 90 degrees to alleviate potential flow restriction.


Meeting all the requirements of NFPA 1961, Kochek’s PVC suction hose provides reliable, unassisted operation even in extreme temperatures, maintaining flexibility from 150° to -40° F. With UV protection built in, it retains quality wall thickness from 3″ to 6″ ID and features smooth bore for unrestricted flow. Kochek PVC suction hose is sold complete with end couplings and may be ordered in conventional and custom lengths. All Kochek products are covered by a five-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

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