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Introducing Sustainable, Non-Toxic, VOC-Free Bio-Rust Preventative Fluid

August 17, 2022  By Renewable Lubricants

Renewable Lubricants introduces Bio-Rust Preventative Fluid, a bio-based formulation that is environmentally non-toxic, VOC-free, sustainable, and highly effective at inhibiting corrosion on ferrous and galvanized steel. This non-staining, water displacing formulation provides a waxy film that is especially effective in protecting ferrous materials in salt and acid-fume (hydrochloric acid) environments and against humidity.  Specially designed biodegradable Bio-Rust Preventative meets the corrosion protection film form MIL-PRF-16173, Class II, Grade 3.  They are ideal for metalworking applications where excellent in-house corrosion protection and easy cleaning of parts is essential.

Bio-Rust Preventative provides >120 hours of protection in HCI acid Fume test, and >80 hours in a 5% Salt Spray (fog) ASTM D117 test.  Additional Renewable Lubricants products are available to meet other corrosion inhibition applications.

In addition to corrosion protection, these products are used as non-chlorinated metalworking fluids that provide extreme pressure, anti-wear, and lubricity performance in stamping and drawing applications.  They can also be used as wire rope and chain lubricants.

Renewable Lubricants, Inc. began as a research and development company in 1991, developing high performance products that would directly replace petroleum-based products.  Starting from a single corn-based engine oil developed in the inventor’s garage, the company now offers more than 250 products and has over 100 worldwide patents.  They manufacture their products as environmentally friendly as possible without sacrificing performance.  For more information on Renewable Lubricants, Inc., contact Benjamin Garmier at (330) 877-9982, or, or visit


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