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Hamm: HX series, the new pivot-steered tandem rollers

September 14, 2022  By Wirtgen Group

Intelligent compaction – with digital support

With the HX series, Hamm is launching a new generation of pivot-steered tandem rollers on the market at bauma 2022. All models meet the EPA Tier 4/EU Stage V emissions regulation. One highlight of this is Smart Compact – the newly developed digital compaction assistant. Furthermore, many components and interfaces have been further optimized with a view to improving operator comfort and sustainability.

Precise compaction

The HX series, the new flagship in the Hamm fleet for asphalt construction, is designed for high-quality compaction. The HX 70i model (7 t, 15432,4 lbs/55.4 kW) and HX 90i (9 t, 19841,6 lbs/74.4 kW) achieve high surface outputs on large construction sites, but also impress in the most challenging tasks, such as compaction in curves. The high level of precision is possible thanks to pivot steering with an extremely large turning angle, a very large track offset and four steering modes.

Split drums and automatic reversing


The well-conceived compaction technology with split vibration and oscillation drums actively prevents cracks and bulges from forming in the asphalt. The automatic reversing with electrically adjustable seat operating unit also guarantees quality and comfort. It brakes and accelerates the rollers quickly, but smoothly. The seat also turns automatically in the direction of travel when reversing. This is unique in the market. It produces first-class surfaces and ensures ergonomic operation with top safety.

Smart Compact: The intelligent compaction assistant

On request, Hamm equips the rollers in the HX series with Smart Compact, the new automatic compaction assistant. It actively supports the driver and is easy to operate. Smart Compact may be of great interest to the current generation of drivers and, in particular, to those just starting their careers. This compaction assistant combines the simple operation with handling via smartphones, computers, and other digitally controlled devices. It therefore meets the changed personnel requirements at modern workstations in road construction.

The automatic mechanism sets compaction parameters for each drum

The driver then only has to enter whether a base, binder or asphalt surface course is to be compacted. Smart Compact takes care of the rest: The assistant decides automatically whether to compact with vibration and big or small amplitude, with oscillation, or statically. To this end, it evaluates physical properties of the asphalt, such as the temperature or rigidity. New features include the integration of local weather data via an integrated weather station, and the assessment of the complex cooling behaviour in the area of tension between the asphalt and air temperature, as well as the wind. Based on all of this information, the system determines the right setting separately for both drums.

This means that Hamm is the first manufacturer in the world to automate the separate setting of the individual drums, and is therefore raising the quality of the compaction to a whole new level.

Fuel savings included

Smart Compact detects when an asphalt layer is almost completely compacted. The system then automatically cancels the dynamic compaction, and puts the roller into ECO mode. As a result, the engine speed is reduced by up to 20%, which also means that up to 15% fuel can be saved. Smart Compact therefore not only increases the compaction quality, it also conserves the machine and resources.

Increased process reliability – simplified operation

The bottom line is that Smart Compact increases the process reliability and, in turn, the quality of the compaction and the surfaces. The simplicity of the assistant here is captivating. It is operated via a separate display. The user guidance is clearly designed, meaning that the personnel can fully concentrate on driving the machine.

Further improvement: Clear view, additive mixing and disc spreader

The HX series looks different to its predecessor series thanks to newly designed lights and sheet-metal brackets, as well as details around the cab. In the cab, the unobstructed view to the rear left has been further improved. The new camera system with robust monitors (IP 66), which is integrated as standard, also further improves the view into the rear space. In future, water and additive will be stored separately in the additive mixing unit. This saves water, and the additive can be dosed with an extremely high level of precision. Furthermore, new spreader models with suitable tarpaulins and other extras are available for the HX series.

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