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Gomaco debuts the 1st battery-powered slipform curb machine

January 26, 2022  By Rock to Road staff

gomaco battery poweredThe world’s first battery-powered slipform concrete curb machine, the Gomaco CC-1200e, at work. (Photo: Gomaco)

Gomaco has introduced the CC-1200e – the world’s first battery-powered slipform curb machine.

The CC-1200e electric curb machine is equipped with a power dense 48 VDC lithium-ion battery pack. The result is a paver with zero-exhaust emissions, reduced vibrations and zero engine noise.

The lithium-ion batteries provide enough power for a full day of paving. Charging options include the standard eight to 10-hour normal charge rate or an optional two-hour fast charge system.

The CC-1200e made its debut at World of Concrete 2022 in Las Vegas.


“We have been working towards an electric curb machine for almost two years now,” explained Kevin Klein, Gomaco’s vice president of engineering/research and development.

“It has been an interesting and exciting challenge for our entire design engineering team, but especially demanding for the controls and software engineers. We take pride in leading the industry in new product innovations and adding another ‘world’s first’ to our resumé.”

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Gomaco G+ control system

The CC-1200e also features the Gomaco G+ control system with a full function radio remote control. Travel control, manual three-point grade control, cross auger directional controls, vibrator control dial, warning lights and emergency stop are all located on the remote’s control panel.

The battery-powered machine is also equipped with rotary-sensor slew drive steering on its front wheel assemblies allowing smoother paving, easier control and maximum turning capability with the ability to slipform a 610 mm radius, depending on the mold profile.

The compact curb machine has a half-cubic-metre hopper capacity with up to 381 mm of horizontal sliding capabilities for easy alignment with ready-mix trucks. The hopper features a 305 mm diameter by 1.68-metre-long auger to move the concrete at variable speeds up to 43 rpm.

Curb molds can be interchanged easily and can be positioned on either side of the CC-1200e for right-side or left-side paving. It is equipped with one variable speed electric vibrator that is coordinated with the stop switch to provide automatic on/off vibrator control synchronized with the forward travel of the paver.

The CC-1200e measures 2.5 metres long and 2.38 metres wide. Its rear track and two front-wheel assemblies allow up to 28.3 metres per minute auxiliary travel speed to move from one pour to the next or loading/unloading on a new project.

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