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Technology to help reduce VOCs and odour at asphalt plants

April 26, 2021  By Rock to Road

X-VOCS hot asphalt odour elimatorBlue Smoke Control's new product helps reduce VOCs and odour at asphalt plants. Photo: Blue Smoke Control

Anaheim, Calif. – Blue Smoke Control introduced X-VOCS, the company’s newest system for eradicating odour-causing emissions produced as a byproduct during hot-mix asphalt production. The company is a division of Butler-Justice Inc.

Blue Smoke Control said the invisible emissions from plants, specifically; the odour-causing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that reside in hot asphalt storage tanks, can create a number of challenges for producers, ranging from regulatory requirements to overt opposition from neighbours.

X-VOCS hot asphalt odour elimator

Photo: Blue Smoke Control

The system features proprietary carbon absorption technology designed to filter and remove up to 99 per cent of odours and volatile organic compounds, such as Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), from tanks. The technology incorporates a five-stage filtration system. In the first three stages, a series of filters remove more than 95 per cent of targeted particulates down to 0.3 microns. In the final two stages, carbon filtration beds remove remaining odours and volatiles.

X-VOCS technology

The company says when the technology is coupled with the company’s Blue Smoke Control system, emissions from hot-mix plants can be reduced to nearly zero, providing owners with the means to achieve the highest level of environmental stewardship.


“We worked for many years to solve the odour and VOC issues associated with asphalt production. The patent-pending technology of X-VOCS can stand on its own, but it also combines well with our industry-standard Blue Smoke Control system to reduce both odour and blue smoke, which are some of the most common causes of neighbourhood and Air Quality Board issues,” said Mike Butler, president of Butler-Justice.

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