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The only closed-top NTEP certified portable self-erecting surge silo in the market today

Astec’s NTEP certified portable self-erecting surge silo (SESS) promises convenience, speed, and reliability. With its self-erecting mechanism, the surge silo eliminates the need for extensive construction and labor-intensive setup, enabling asphalt manufacturers to quickly establish a highly functional and adaptable storage solution.

The Astec Self-Erecting Surge Silo offers asphalt mix producers exceptional capabilities and advantages not found elsewhere. NTEP Certification for the weighing mechanisms ensures accurate ticketing at loadout. An optional oil-sealed gate and enclosed silo top equipped with a grease seal prevent oxygen penetration allowing longer-term storage. The oil-seal gate and top grease-seal in conjunction with premium insulation provides industry-leading storage in a portable silo. The silo and drag share a common chassis and are erected together using hydraulic cylinders. A steeper cone angle provides first-in/first-out material rotation to minimize mix segregation.

Discover the convenience and efficiency offered by this groundbreaking compact, self-erecting surge silo.

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