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Livewire® features molded rubber strips that hold high-strength wires in place. Providing better screening action than traditional woven wire and greater open area than polyurethane, Livewire® boosts production by reducing blinding and pegging problems, while delivering superior wear life. It is available in Accuslot®, Diamond, Herringbone, and Straight wire slot openings for maximum output in dry or wet applications.

Accuslot® screens provide the accuracy of square openings with the efficiency and cleaning ability of long slot wire cloth. Accuslot® helps to reduce plugging and/or blinding, while minimizing the passing of slivers and chips.

Vibraspan® provides high open area and increased slot lengths to increase product throughput and maintain sizing. Available in two types of weaves: Straight wire screens allow for increased tensioning on the wires and higher load capacities. Intercrimp screens have crimped wires for tensioning, allowing for self-cleaning by passing near-sized particles while reducing blinding.

Vibraclean® combines the two Vibraspan® screen types by alternating crimped and straight wires. This allows increased load capacity over a traditional intercrimp by tensioning the straight wires, while maintaining the self-cleaning feature of the crimped wires.

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