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World of Asphalt
Take your pit to the next level as Quarry Tech comes to Kanata, Ontario on February 7th.
This one-day workshop, presented by Rock to Road, will connect owners and operators across the Ottawa area’s quarry and sand and gravel sectors. Attendees will hear about cutting-edge technology, invaluable tools, and expert advice to optimize operations and boost their bottom line.
  The day kicks off with a keynote presentation from SLR Consulting’s technical director of aggregates, William Gowdy. He will discuss the increasing importance of pit reclamation and how drafting your pit’s reclamation plan today can give you a pathway to profit when it reaches the end of its life.
Also in the morning, Polydeck’s Alex Caruana will cover the best practices for screening troubleshooting based on real-life case studies from the field, while Wirtgen’s Craig Rutherford will showcase the industry’s latest technologies and innovations, and how they can be leveraged to save you time and money.
Other speakers include:
  • The Mining Industry Human Resources Council’s Dana Imbeault, who will provide insight into the Canadian Mining Skills Development Strategy, grants available through the program and how it can help your operation hire better.
  • Mark Nesbitt, a leading voice in training across the aggregates sector and founder of Nesbitt Training, will share tips for tackling recruitment and retention challenges.
  • Ravi Sahu, the founder and CEO of Strayos, will explore how to capture real-time data using 3D machine vision camera sensors, and applying deep learning models to detect information on your aggregates using continuous rock flow video data.
  • Talia Gordner, commercial litigation and regulatory partner at McMillan LLP, will provide an overview of the On-site and Excess Soil Management regulation under the Ontario Environmental Protection Act, and offer best practices for ensuring compliance and reducing liability on construction and development projects.
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