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Perforated and flame-cut plates from Durex Products, Inc., are more robust than wire cloth, but not as expensive as rubber or urethane screens — making them ideal for high-impact and heavy-abrasion applications. Manufactured from high-quality steel alloy plates (250-500 BHN), these screens feature square, round, slotted, or hexagonal perforations of various sizes, depending on the application.

Perforated Plate
Perforated plate typically has formed edges with openings generally 1-in or less, which are mechanically punched into the plate in square, round, slotted, or hexagonal shapes. Perforated plate is ideal in applications where deck weight is a factor.

Flame-Cut Plate
Flame-cut plate screens feature square, round, hexagonal, and slotted openings that are cut into the steel plate. They are available as side-tensioned screen media with welded edges or bolt-down-style with machine counterbore and countersunk holes. This design is excellent for top- and sometimes middle-deck applications where impact and abrasion resistances are required. We offer flame-cut plate with BHN hardness of up to 450 or 500 for superior wear life.

Durex perforated and flame-cut plates are built to match your individual specifications and application requirements, using the most superior grades of steel. Strict in-process and end-product standards result in the highest quality plate.

For more information, visit durexproducts.com or call 715-472-2111.

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