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World of Asphalt
Low on labour? Quarry Tech Kanata has you covered.
Mark Nesbitt, founder of Nesbitt Training, believes that people are our greatest asset. With the aggregates industry facing significant squeezes around recruitment and retention, never has it been more important to learn how to properly leverage this asset.

At this year's Quarry Tech, taking place on February 7 at the Holiday Inn & Suites in Kanata, Ont., Nesbitt will bring his 30-plus years of experience in building workforces across the aggregates and construction sectors to teach you how to hire more, and hire better.
  In his presentation on attracting and retaining people, Nesbitt will provide the key strategies and resources for building and maintaining a leading workforce in the aggregates sector. Nesbitt's experience and passion for helping organizations develop their talent into a cornerstone of their continued growth and improvement will be translated into a number of actionable strategies that attendees can implement across their own organizations.
Nesbitt is a certified trainer, coach and speaker of the John Maxwell Team, specializing in leadership excellence in the aggregates industry. Nesbitt Training has helped numerous organizations uncover the leaders of tomorrow while fine-tuning their ability to steer their team and business forward. With the valuable background knowledge, industry experience and relatability that Nesbitt brings to the table, he has shown great success in helping organizations grow and ensure longevity.

Register for Quarry Tech today to hear from Nesbitt, along with our slate of industry leaders presenting on some of the sector's top issues and their strategies for navigating them.
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