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As winter approaches, prioritizing off-season maintenance at your asphalt plant is paramount. Astec's experienced team of service professionals recognizes that lost time translates directly to lost profit. Astec’s fully staffed, dedicated service team emphasizes the critical nature of proactive maintenance during the winter months. Taking action now ensures your plant is well-prepared for a smooth spring start-up, avoiding potential delays and setbacks.

Proactivity is key in minimizing untimely breakdowns and reducing the chaotic nature of reactive repairs. By addressing maintenance needs during the off-season, you not only enhance the overall efficiency of your facility but also contribute to long-term cost savings. Trust Astec's expertise to guide you through the winter maintenance process, allowing you to navigate the challenges seamlessly and reap the benefits of a well-maintained asphalt plant when the spring season arrives.

Astec service technicians can provide inspections with recommendations if you prefer to perform your own maintenance, or you can utilize the Astec team to tackle the maintenance for you. To schedule call 423-867-3754.

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