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Dynapac CA1300/1400 soil compactors now have safety cabs

May 5, 2021  By Rock to Road Staff

The CA1400D. Photo: Courtesy Dynapac

Dynapac CA1300/1400 soil compactors are vibratory roller designed for compaction operations in pipe trenches, compacting roads, streets, repair work, and parking lots.

“These 5 – 7 ton rollers pack a big punch and have exceptional maneuverability which also make them a great option for compaction on large building foundations, industrial construction sites, steep slopes, and in cramped spaces in connection with refilling work,” Dynapac said in a press release.

The PD version, equipped with pads and drum drive, is especially suitable for the compaction of silt and clayey soils. The PD version can be equipped with levelling blade and the D version with pad shell kit. To improve operator’s comfort we are now introducing a cab with fresh air ventilation, heating and air conditioning. External traffic mirrors, 4 LED working lights, rotating beacon and radio with USB/MP3 and Bluetooth connection is standard.

CA1400 with two amplitudes and two speeds

Compaction width 54” (1370 mm) and 66” (1676 mm) respectively and static linear load up to 114 PLI (20 kg/cm) giving the ability to compact sand and gravel up to 20” (50 cm). CA1400 features two amplitudes, high at 0.067” (1.7 mm) and low at 0.032” (0.8 mm), makes the machine versatile and suited for all supporting and reinforcement courses. The PD version can compact silt and clay at a depth of 18” (45 cm).


Tier4final/StageV engine with ECO as standard

Machines are equipped with Kubota Tier4final/StageV engine at 75hp (55 kW), latest emission standard and ECO mode is standard. This means low fuel consumption and low CO2 emissions and also a very low noise level at all times. The engine is transversally mounted to get perfect service access standing on ground and air inlet for both combustion air and cooling air is high located to minimize dust intake. A 12 volt outlet is located in the engine compartment to facilitate service even during night operation.

Traction at all times

With flow divider, differential lock and drum drive traction both forward and reverse is at its best. The CA1400 dual speed secures furthermore a high transportation speed easy to control with the balanced stroke of the forward and reverse lever. If the levelling blade is mounted all controls are operated with the top buttons on forward and reverse lever, no need to change grip on lever or steering wheel.

Safety first

Safety functions includes back-up alarm, battery switch outside fire zone and interlock. As always on Dynapac machines the parking brake is separated from the forward and reverse lever, not to unintentionally being able to release the parking brake. The engine hood is lockable to cover all filling points to secure operation even if machine is left in field overnight.

Operator’s station with view

The ergonomically designed operator’s station with ROPS/FOPS or safety cab offers a high level of operator comfort and good visibility over the work area and surroundings. Working lights for best visibility and also night work is standard as well as the protective structure around operator’s legs and 3” seat belt. The vibration insulated platform gives very low body and hand/arm vibrations. The cab door is large and possible to open at an angle that facilitates easy entering of the operator’s station.

The safety cab features external traffic mirrors, 4 LED working lights, rotating beacon and radio with USB/MP3 and Bluetooth connection as standard. Fresh air ventilation with filter, heating and air conditioning is standard as well as tinted windows to minimize heat radiation and reflections. Wipers and washers front and rear and right cab window openable for communication and positioning mirrors together with interior light makes it possible to work in all conditions. Low noise level at operator’s station is ensured by the curved front window and insulation in both floor and ceiling.

Choose between two types of seats, both possible to adjust to give a good working position, optional driving lights, fire extinguisher and first aid box.

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