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ContiTech showcases vertical conveyor belt systems in North America

February 21, 2017  By Continental ContiTech

Flexowell belt system Photo: ContiTech

February 21, 2017 – ContiTech is showcasing to the North American market two conveyor belt products that can carry loads up a vertical incline as steep as 90 degrees both in above ground and underground applications.

The belt systems, called Flexowell and Pocketlift, are designed to transport bulk materials from loading point to unloading point up steep inclined, vertical applications.  

“These products are evidence of the wide selection of conveyor belt products and services available to the industry from ContiTech,” said Benedikt Nothelle, head of sales and application engineering. “In brief, wherever raw materials are extracted, processed and distributed, ContiTech has a product to support those applications.”

Flexowell systems can carry materials over 1,640 feet (500 metres) in a vertical lift with capacities up to 6,000 tons per hour. These systems handle above ground and underground bulk materials from coarse-size coal and ore, rock, coarse sand or fertilizers, lump sizes from powdery, floury material up to 16 inches (400 mm).  Applications include coal and wood-chip fired power stations, steel industry, ship loading and unloading as well as ship-to-ship loading and a variety of other industrial and agricultural applications.


Pocketlift systems are developed for deep shaft underground applications in the mining and tunnelling industry with a lifting height up to 800 metres (over 2,620 feet) in a single fly. Pocketlift technology allows mining engineers and operators the opportunity for a continuous mass flow over several hundred feet lift height, providing additional benefits such as low energy consumption; small shaft diameter; low maintenance costs and no underground bunker system, just to name a few.

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Continental develops intelligent technologies for transporting people and their goods. As a reliable partner, the international automotive supplier, tire manufacturer, and industrial partner provide sustainable, safe, comfortable, individual, and affordable solutions. In 2015, the corporation generated preliminary sales of approximately €39.2 billion with its five divisions, Chassis & Safety, Interior, Powertrain, Tires, and ContiTech. Continental employs more than 208,000 people in 53 countries.

The ContiTech division is one of the world’s leading suppliers of technical elastomer products and is a specialist in plastics technology. It develops and produces functional parts, components, and systems for machine and plant engineering, mining, the automotive industry, and other important industries. Together with U.S. company Veyance Technologies Inc., which was acquired at the beginning of 2015, ContiTech generated sales of approximately €5.4 billion (pro forma basis) in 2014 and currently employs approximately 43,000 people in 43 countries worldwide.

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