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CONEXPO-CON/AGG spotlight: Part 2

June 13, 2017  By Rock to Road Staff report

June 13, 2017 – Part 2 of our two-part series highlighting the technologies and equipment on display at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017.

ROSTA’s MBSL 70 Superior Lift Motorbase is designed for vertically driven slurry and de-watering pump drives. It uses ROSTA’s rubber suspension technology providing exceptional belt life, optimum belt tensioning and energy savings. The unit can be bolted directly onto the pump’s support base using the existing booker rod hole location, or in some instances a further MBSL base spacer may be necessary, when over-length belts have been used by the end user. The motorbase range is offered in both IEC Frame: 150hp to 540hp and NEMA Frame: 90kW to 450kW.

Asphalt Drum Mixers’ EX120 asphalt plant is a solution for producers who need a portable counterflow plant that can process high percentages of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP). The compact 120-tph EX Series plant features single-drum counterflow technology and meets all U.S. federal and state emission regulations. The plant is capable of processing as much as 50 per cent RAP. Counterflow technology with separate drying and mixing zones allows the EX120 to achieve maximum heat transfer and fuel efficiency. The system virtually eliminates unsafe carbon emissions and further reduces emissions by designing the counterflow system to reintroduce gases back to the drum’s combustion zone. The entire EX120 plant sits on one chassis for easy movement from site to site. One plant operator and one loader operator can control the EX120. A full range of components are available to customize the plant.


The John Deere wheel loader family recently introduced the 844K Series-III and 844K Series-III Aggregate Handler configuration; which is purpose built for two-pass loading with increased power, larger tilt cylinders, higher hydraulic pressure and increased counterweighing to handle bigger material-handling buckets (9.3 cubic yard/9.8 cubic yard), reduce fill time in processed aggregates and conserve fuel.

The new wheel loaders offer a 13.5L John Deere PowerTech Final Tier 4 diesel engine that delivers 380 horsepower for the 844K-III and 401 horsepower for the Aggregate Handler configuration. The models are equipped with a standard five-speed transmission with torque-converter lockup in gears two through five.

PPI’s aluminum idler roll offers a significant weight reduction compared with equivalent steel rolls. Incorporated with heavy wall tube and PPI’s seal design, the aluminum roll eases maintenance while maintaining CEMA load ratings. Features include weight reduction of 40 to 50 per cent compared to equivalent steel rolls; 3/16” wall tubing extending roll life; meets CEMA D load ratings; uses PPI’s standard triple labyrinth and shaft contact seal configuration; available as a retro roll and in 5” and 6” diameters.

CDE Global’s CF8000 is a continuously operating centrifuge with horizontal solid-wall bowl developed specifically for the requirements of dewatering industrial and municipal sewage sludge. It has a total power requirement of 217 hp and has a solids capacity of 27.5 tph. It has dimensions of 22.4’ length x 5.5’ width x 7.7’ height and has a feed height of 2.9’. The unit can be transported by road on one flat trailer.

Luff’s High Moisture Seal (HMS) is designed for environments with high humidity or excessive moisture and areas with the potential for fine particle contamination. Luff has engineered and designed a polymer disc that seats inside the end cap, remaining stationary as the roller rotates around it. This disc offers two major benefits, it adds anti-lock technology to the roller, which reduces or eliminates rollers seizing due to excess debris or material spillage and acts as a deflection shield against direct moisture pressure. The HMS equipped rollers feature a grease packed cavity behind the shield that acts as a barrier for any moisture or contaminants that may get behind the disc.

Camso’s HXD Smooth tracks are a smooth treaded track for pavers engineered for durability on hard surface paving applications. They feature single-cure technology with a next-generation rubber compound that promotes even tread wearing for long, predictable life. It has an optimized multi-layer internal construction for improved weight distribution with better lateral stiffness and a smooth type tread pattern with heavy-duty carcass for increased track life.

Gencor’s Hy-Way thermal fluid heaters are used in hundreds of industrial applications throughout the world; from asphalt to petrochemicals, food processing and textiles. Hy-Way’s twin-coil HYT heaters are designed for high-temperature industrial process applications. Designed with twin close-wound helical coils, the HYT heater provides greater thermal efficiency in a small compact package for limited space applications. In addition, the internal use of a ceramic fibre blanket, in place of cast refractory, greatly reduces weight and the expense of maintaining castable refractory. Its design protects it from the rigors of process industry applications. It is suitable for use with a wide range of fuels and thermal fluids.

Breaker Technology’s BXR Series large size breakers offer superior impact energy with high power-to-weight ratios. They are made for continuous duty in harsh conditions and offer high operating efficiency using the optional energy recovery system. They offer easy access to the air connector and connection for underwater operation and feature a remote grease line connection and optional automatic greasing systems. The BXR series uses recoil sensing technology with operator actuated two-speed control and an oversize piston. This combination maximizes blow energy and bpms under varying rock conditions providing improved operating efficiency of a conventional breaker.

The Kwikdeck Conversion System enables producers to quickly and easily convert a single or double-crowned deck to modular rubber screen media with no frame modifications. The entire installation process for each four-foot section takes about 45 minutes and uses existing bucker bars and side retention rails. Since the modular screen panels contain no latitudinal steel insert, for non-standard deck widths, the panels can be cut to fit on site.

The DL420-5 CVT is the first Doosan wheel loader that combines the benefits of a traditional automatic transmission and a hydrostatic transmission in one machine. The continuously variable transmission (CVT) design automatically transitions from a hydrostatic transmission to an automatic transmission to operate at higher speeds. Unlike torque converter transmissions, the DL420-5 CVT wheel loader’s automatic transmission is a one-to-one ratio with the engine. Automatic transmission improves powertrain efficiency in load-and-carry operations. It has a net horsepower of 311 hp; operating weight of 50,177 lb.; bucket capacity of 5.5 cu. yd.; a dump height of 10 ft. 1 in.; and a breakout force of 47,210 lbf.

Hyundai launched an addition to its compaction-roller product line. A new tandem-drum model, the HR26T-9, joins two previously available models designed for asphalt paving and maintenance. The new model has an operating weight of 6,400 lb (2,900 kg) and drum width of 47 in (1,200 mm), with a working width of 49 in (1,250 mm). The tandem-drum roller is powered by a Tier 4 Interim-compliant Deutz D 2011 L2i diesel engine rated at 31-HP (23 kW). Front and rear scrapers keep the drums free of material buildup and a 55-gallon (208.2 l) water-spray system can sprinkle both the pavement surface of the drums in intervals determined by the operator.

CM Labs featured its Vortex training systems for backhoes, excavators, wheel loaders and cranes at CONEXPO. The Vortex Advantage was on display with its customizable variety of screens, modules, seats and pedals. CM Labs also showcased its newly released Vortex Trainer. Designed for a classroom environment, the compact Vortex Trainer mounts on a desktop and features the same industrial-grade joysticks and steering wheels developed by manufacturers for cranes and heavy earthmoving equipment.

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