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April 26, 2017  By ChemMasters Inc

April 26, 2017 — ChemMasters, Inc. has announced the introduction of Silencure DOT, a single-step white pigmented wax emulsion curing compound with integral penetrating silane sealer.  

Silencure DOT is formulated to meet stringent U.S. state Department of Transportation specifications for curing new highway pavement, with long-term silane protection from damage caused by freeze/thaw cycles and deicing chemicals.

Silencure DOT cures concrete to ASTM C309 standards. Its white pigmentation provides a minimum 65% light reflectance to keep concrete cool as it cures, while integral silane meets most state DOT requirements for reduction of water and chloride ion penetration per NCHRP Report Series II & Series IV.

Silencure DOT replaces the time consuming and costly process of separate curing, removal and sealing steps traditionally associated with placement and sealing of new highway pavement. It reduces lane closures and exposures of workers and the traveling public to hazardous traffic conditions and detours. Fewer steps, less labour and lower traffic control expenses result in project cost savings.


ChemMasters, Inc. is a 60 year-old manufacturer of specialty concrete chemicals used to improve, repair and protect concrete and masonry. The company is the acknowledged leader in the formulation and manufacturing of low-VOC solvent-based products for use in the states that require them. A state-of-the-art research and development facility is operated by ChemMasters to advance the science of concrete improvement.

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