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Caterpillar to debut new compact pavers and screeds

December 30, 2021  By  Bill Tremblay

Caterpillar pavingCaterpillar is introducing a new line of compact pavers and screeds. (Photo: Caterpillar)

Caterpillar is expanding its family of paving products with the introduction of a new compact line of pavers and screeds.

The standard 2.4-metre size-class paver and screed combinations include the AP400, AP455, AP500, and AP555 asphalt pavers as well as the SE47 V and SE47 FM asphalt screeds. Caterpillar designed the new compact pavers and screeds to create more opportunity to pave in confined areas such as narrow streets, small parking lots and other urban applications.

The standard paving range utilizing the SE47 V screed is 2.4 metres to 4.7 metres with a maximum width of 6.1 metres, while the standard paving range of the SE47 FM screed is 2.4 metres to 4.7 metres with a maximum width of 6.2 metres. As well, paving depths up to 254 mm support aggregate paving applications.

With a length of less than 5.6 metres and width of 2.6 metres, the Caterpillar 13-to-15 ton size-class machines can be transported without special permits. Furthermore, the front-loading angle of 17 degrees and high bumper clearance simplifies loading without the need for additional blocking materials.


Caterpillar Mobil-trac

The AP455 and AP555 are designed with the Cat Mobil-trac undercarriage. The four-bogie system with self-tensioning accumulators and centre guide blocks help prevent slippage and reduce wear, while the oscillating bogie wheels help deliver smooth transitions when exiting the cut over transverse joints of mill and fill applications.

For contractors that prefer a simple wheel undercarriage design, drive tire options include both sand-rib and radial options. The AP400 can be equipped with a front-wheel assist option, while the AP500 can be equipped with front-wheel assist or the all-wheel drive option for increased performance on soft base materials or when pushing heavy loads.

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Caterpillar pavers are equipped with an e eco-mode feature that combines with automatic speed control to reduce fuel consumption. In most conditions, the engine can operate at a lower rpm and still deliver power to meet performance requirements. If needed, the engine will automatically adjust to a higher engine speed if certain load conditions are met.

The AP400 and AP455 pavers are equipped with a Cat C3.6 engine, while the AP500 and AP555 utilize the Cat C4.4 engine. Both engines meet U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage V emission standards.

Screed design

Whether paving straight-line, rural-type applications or winding through urban applications with curbs and light poles, Caterpillar has the screed options to perform in all types of conditions.

The Caterpillar SE47 V screed utilizes extenders that are located behind the main screed. This design enables material to naturally flow out to the end-gates.

The SE47 FM screed is equipped with extenders located in front of the main screed and offers a smaller footprint that reduces handwork at the start of the paving pass. Optional extension packages as well as berm attachments for the SE47 FM enable both these screeds to perform exceptionally well in a variety of applications.

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