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Carlson unveils the new CP75 commercial paver

July 9, 2015  By  Andrew Macklin

July 9, 2015 – Carlson Paving Products has introduced its newest member of its CP paver lineup in the CP75 Commercial Class Paver. The CP75 joins the Carlson CP100 in providing contractors options for their commercial class paver needs.

Operator Focused
Designed and engineered by the most qualified personnel in the industry, the CP75 is built around the operator to ensure performance at the highest level. Like the CP100, the CP75 is built with clear lines of sight around the paver for enhanced safety and paving performance. The powerful 74hp Cummins Tier 4i engine produces fuel economy and high torque, while the two-speed planetary drive allows operators to tackle a wide range of jobsites with ease.

With screed-mounted controls that keep them relative at all times to the operator and direct connect cable steering, operators will find the CP75 accessible and comfortable to operate. Easy-to-read analog readouts provide up to the minute engine monitoring and diagnostics, while conveniently placed cup holders, tool trays and locking tool box keep the platform more organized, comfortable and safer for crew members. Available options including seats, LED floodlights, and a 12-volt charger outlet allows the CP75 to be customized to the needs and wants of operators.

Built To Outlast
Contractors expect commercial class paving platforms that are long lasting and deliver paving results season after paving season. The CP75 meets and exceeds these expectations with its attention to areas of critical wear and quality.


Contributing to the CP75’s long machine lifecycle is the ability of replacing key components, making the paver a rebuildable platform. True conveyor floor plates, made of 3/8” 500 Brinell rated steel, are fully replaceable while its heavy-duty conveyor chains and slats provide longer operation than similar platforms. Add in the 3/8” thick hopper wings and hardened steel auger flights for a strong, heavy-duty paver.

Service and maintenance to the CP75 are made easy. The one-piece forward tilting hood, along with an access panel in the hopper, provides easy accessibility to the engine compartment and hydraulics. Remote greasing stations around the paver and convenient tension points for the High Flow Material Conveyor system keeps the CP75 running at optimal condition.

Advancing Commercial Class Innovation
With a hopper capacity of eight tons, the CP75 is able to pave further between trucks or skid steer loaders, enabling operators to maximize productivity and decrease operational downtime. The CP75 also utilizes the innovative and Carlson unique horizontal sliding damper doors, a design that keeps obstructions such as utility boxes from damaging them while open. This innovative feature gives operators a 10” of ground clearance below the auger box while allowing for narrow width paving from 0’-4’ by closing the damper doors.

The High Flow Material Conveyor utilizes dual 35 1⁄2” heat and oil resistant rubberized belts fixed to chain driven slats that effectively transfers material to the augers without segregating the mix. A system long used in rear discharge asphalt trailers, the Carlson High Flow Material Conveyor combines the efficiency benefits of a rubberized belt with the long lasting durability of traditional chain and slat systems.

Paving With An EZC Screed
Carlson introduced the EZC platform for the often-overlooked commercial class with the company’s first generation of pavers, the CP90. The CP75 is designed and built with many well-known Carlson features, like adjustable deck cones, full length element hold downs, adjustable slide track system and spring loaded endgates

The newest variant of the electrically heated EZC screed platform, the EZC813, comes standard on the CP75. Giving operators a standard paving width of 8’-13’, the EZC813 is built with state-of-the-art electric heating elements to provide efficient, clean and even heat across the main and extension screed plates. The single slide, adjustable extension support system of the EZC813 provides rigidity at all widths, while the Carlson’s adjustable deck cones allow for infinite adjustability of the screed plate to maximize mat quality and screed plate life.

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