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Bunting’s new heavy duty equipment catalog

April 13, 2020  By Bunting

Bunting announced the release of its new catalog for the aggregate, mining, and mineral industries. The catalog has been completely rewritten and features new high-resolution photographs of Bunting’s magnetic separation and metal detection equipment.

Bunting’s magnetic separation and metal detection equipment is designed to address the unique needs of the plastics industry. The magnetic separation equipment uses powerful magnets to pull out ferrous metal contaminants from a product line, meaning that no matter how rapid the product flow, material will not become dislodged and re-enter the product stream. The TN77 metal detector is designed specifically for the mining, mineral, and aggregate industries. The tunnel-type unit installs onto conveyor systems to enable continuous inspection and detection of contaminants such as tramp iron and manganese steels.

Installing Bunting equipment at critical points in a process helps ensure metal contaminants are removed from the greater flow.


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