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BOMAG BM 2200/65 Large Planer

June 8, 2022  By BOMAG

With its lighter, more compact and highly maneuverable design, the new BOMAG BM 2200/65 large planer raises the bar for performance and operating ease and comfort for mills in its class. A modest, 58-in (11473-mm) milling radius – up to 14% smaller than competitive models – improves machine productivity in the field, increasing efficiency in tight-radius applications like small roundabouts and cul-de-sacs. Its conveyor offers a 16-ft (4880-mm) discharge height plus larger, 130˚ conveyor slewing angle – 65˚ to the left/right of center – allowing material to be efficiently discharged into trucks on both sides of the mill. To facilitate transport, the conveyor retracts to a length 23.6 in (600 mm) shorter than previous designs.

Meeting Tier 4 Final/Stage V emissions standards, the mill’s powerful 630 hp (470 kW) engine effectively matches power with milling speed for greater operating efficiency. The slim profile of the advanced BOMAG BMS15L quick-change cutting tooth holder system reduces resistance and delivers up to 20% fuel savings. System design extends holder service life to lower costs. Offering a range of milling drum designs and the choice of three different rotor speeds to tailor rotor speed to the job, the BM 2200/65 planer can be used on a wide range of asphalt and concrete milling applications.

Intuitive operation is the hallmark of the new 60,296-lb (27,350-kg) BM 2200/65 half-lane mill. To simplify milling control, BOMAG Easy Cut technology automatically regulates the height of the rear drive, so the rear of the machine follows the front to its set depth, making the operator’s work simpler. BOMAG Easy Level clearly displays grade and slope settings on the large 7-in (177.8-mm) display, and settings are quickly changed with minimal screen navigation.

Unrivaled comfort, visibility and efficiency


Designed for comfort and efficiency, the BM 2200/65’s vibration-isolated operator’s station delivers comfortable operation from either a seated or standing position. Additional cushioning at the platform’s standing areas help to ensure fatigue-free operation. Stepless platform side-shift up to 7.8 in (200 mm) provides excellent visibility to the right cutting edge and side plate, allowing the operator to hold the milling line. Minimal navigation with limited submenus to get to machine parameters delivers intuitive, efficient operation.

The mill’s slim contoured design gives the operator all-round visibility to the machine. Enhanced forward visibility offers operators an unprecedented view of the cutting edge, milling track and the front danger zone around the conveyor for exceptional milling precision. A flat rear design offers an improved view of the area behind the mill for increased operating safety.

The standard water spray and dust extraction systems, complete with conveyor shrouding, efficiently removes fine particulate matter from the machine. Removing up to 80% more fine dust particles smaller than 10 microns in size, the optional BOMAG ION DUST SHIELD is a pioneering technology that meets the most stringent fine dust regulations.

With all key machine service points easily accessible, routine maintenance is completed quickly and efficiently. All filters can be conveniently reached from the operator’s platform through the wide-opening engine hood, as are the fill ports for fuel and AdBlue. Large left- and right-hand service panels provide simple accessibility to the machine’s auxiliary drive and milling gear, while engine service points are easily accessed from both above and below.

More details about the new BOMAG BM 2200/65 large planer can be found by contacting your local BOMAG dealer or visiting

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