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Bobcat will display new loaders and excavators at World of Concrete

January 29, 2020  By Bobcat

West Fargo, N.D. – Bobcat Company will display new R-Series compact loaders and R2-Series compact excavators at World of Concrete 2020 in Las Vegas. The Bobcat R-Series T76 and S76 loaders as well as the R2-Series E42 and E50 excavators will be in Booth C5377 in the Central Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center during the show, February 4 – 7, 2020.

New R-Series loaders and R2-Series excavators are two product offerings that will enhance Bobcat’s industry-leading equipment and provide innovative and intelligent features to meet customers changing needs.

R-Series T76 and S76 compact loaders

Bobcat R-Series loaders are designed to tackle both everyday work and the toughest challenges, these next generation loaders have been redesigned inside and outside to be the most powerful, durable loaders built by Bobcat. The first R-Series loaders to launch will include the Bobcat T76 compact track loader and the S76 skid-steer loader focused on quality, reliability and durability.


With their all-around visibility, comfortable controls, numerous options and roomy environment, R-Series loaders bring more comfort to challenging jobs. The optional clear-side enclosure and mesh-free windows allows operators to easily see to the sides of the machine and maneuver confidently. Plus, R-Series loaders come standard with LED lights for far-reaching visibility in low-light situations. Operators can also upgrade to optional premium LED lights which wrap around the cab’s upper corners to illuminate more of the jobsite.

Another noteworthy option available on new R-Series compact track loaders is the 5-Link torsion suspension undercarriage. It dramatically reduces stress and vibration from the undercarriage, making operation more comfortable.

The new cab design is a one-piece, sealed and pressurized design offering a new level of comfort and improved service access. The near-seamless interior repels dust and dirt in the cab, helps isolate engine and hydraulic noise, and enhances the efficiency of optional heating and air conditioning. When it’s time for maintenance or repairs, the entire R-Series cab rotates out of the way to provide improved service access – with hardware on the cab exterior for easy removal.

R-Series loaders have a redesigned cooling system for optimal operation and maximum uptime. The fan size is increased by approximately 50 percent, which achieves more cooling at a slower rotation.

In addition, a new cast-steel Bob-Tach attachment mounting system provides a stronger connection point with more metal where it’s really needed. It has fewer welds overall, plus openings that allow dirt and debris to pass through. Altogether, it provides solid, reliable attachment connections, plus less debris buildup.

The new loaders feature an inline engine design and a durable direct-drive system that offer high performance in a compact machine profile. The new engine and system deliver the durability and characteristics necessary to accommodate new levels of performance required on today’s jobsites.

R-Series loaders are equipped with redesigned lift arms for increased lifting capability. New lift arms feature cast steel sections that provide greater strength while enabling a slimmer profile arm that also enhances visibility.

R2-Series E42 and E50 excavators

Bobcat has enhanced its industry-leading compact excavator line-up with the new R2-Series excavators. R2-Series excavators deliver a new look paired with impressive performance and comfort features, as well as enhanced machine uptime protection. The first R2-Series excavators to launch are the E42 and E50 excavators.

R2-Series excavators, including the E42 and E50, feature a more efficient engine that delivers the performance operators need while reducing and simplifying routine maintenance. The redesigned Bobcat engine improves cold-weather operation and includes a variety of features that make maintenance and service more convenient.

New R2-Series E42 and E50 excavators feature improved low effort joysticks. They respond easily to operator input, enabling longer operation with less fatigue. Bobcat joysticks provide quick, precise movement with low effort, while the new hydraulic control valve offers improved metering, finite movement and controllability for level grading, plus fast cycle times.

In addition, new R2-Series E42 and E50 excavators offer considerable glass surface area for the side windows of the cab and top window, in addition to narrow side pillars, for improved visibility. The automatic heat and air conditioning system maintains a steady and comfortable temperature without the need for manual adjustments, while the heated seat makes a perfect complement to the automatic temperature control, keeping operators comfortable on frigid days.

R2-Series E42 and E50 excavators feature improved versatility. An optional clamp diverter valve has been added for enhanced hydraulic clamp functionality and improved ability to run other attachments without disconnecting the clamp. Auxiliary hydraulics are easier to reach and attach, thanks to a new location on the excavator arm. A standard integrated lift eye will give operators a convenient method for handling objects or moving them in and out of the trench.

With the advanced in-cab display, operators can also receive detailed machine information and experience unprecedented device connectivity. The 7-inch display panel, with an easy-to-use touch screen, is waterproof and hardened to reduce scratching. Operators can view and toggle through machine performance information to make operation efficient, productive and profitable.

New R2-Series E42 and E50 excavators are approved and ready for the optional Bobcat depth check accessory kit for compact excavators. Operators can use this kit to improve profitability by minimizing the tendency to over- and under-dig. These excavators are designed to accept all depth check system components. Depth check functions are integrated with the standard 5-inch LCD display or the optional touch display. This simple, durable kit is wired, so job conditions or wireless signal loss never interfere with digging accuracy.

QuickLook: Bobcat R-Series T76 compact track loader

Horsepower: 74-hp Bobcat turbo-charged diesel engine
Rated operating capacity: 2,900 lb
Operating weight: 10,250 lb.
Lift height to hinge pin: 128.3 in.
Standard hydraulic flow: 23.3 gpm
High-flow option: 30.3 gpm

QuickLook: Bobcat R-Series S76 skid-steer loader

Horsepower: 74-hp Bobcat turbo-charged diesel engine
Rated operating capacity: 2,900 lb
Operating weight: 8,615 lb.
Lift height to hinge pin: 128.3 in.
Standard hydraulic flow: 23.3 gpm
High-flow option: 30.3 gpm

QuickLook: Bobcat R2-Series E42 compact excavator

Horsepower: 42.6-hp Bobcat turbo-charged diesel engine
Operating weight: 9,830 lb.
Maximum reach at ground level: 17.6 ft.
Maximum dig depth: 10.4 ft.
Maximum dump height: 12.3 ft.
Width: 72.8 in.
Auxiliary hydraulic flow: 20 gpm
Tail swing type: Conventional

QuickLook: Bobcat R2-Series E50 compact excavator

Horsepower: 49.7-hp Bobcat turbo-charged diesel engine
Operating weight: 11,357 lb.
Maximum reach at ground level: 19.3 ft.
Maximum dig depth: 11.4 ft.
Maximum dump height: 12.8 ft.
Width: 72.8 in.
Auxiliary hydraulic flow: 20 gpm
Tail swing type: Minimal

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