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BKT unveils EARTHMAX tire range for tough operations

August 30, 2021  By Rock to Road Staff

Photo: BKT

BKT has developed a new tire range that the company says can handle the stress of the rough terrain found in quarries and mines.

The BKT EARTHMAX SR 53 tire. Photo: BKT

The EARTHMAX range is designed to provide optimal ground load distribution for dump trucks, wheel loaders, dozers and graders.

All tires in the range feature an all-steel structure that provides resistance to the casing and protects against impacts.

There are three EARTHMAX models:

  • EARTHMAX SR 46: Fitted to rigid dump trucks that operate in rocky environments such as mines. Specifically designed to transport heavy loads, this tire ensures a high level of resistance to cuts thanks to its casing with a steel belt. The design of the tread with blocks and grooving on the circumference minimize damage to the surface of the product and improve performance on bends.
  • EARTHMAX SR 45: Also designed for rigid dump trucks and has a specific design of blocks and a deeper tread, which ensures longevity of the tire.
    EARTHMAX SR 53, classified L-5: Designed for loaders operating in difficult conditions. The tread consists of a compound that is particularly resistant to cuts. In addition, it is designed to offer self-cleaning properties, which facilitate the expulsion of stones and other foreign bodies.

BKT has also launched a Giant version of EARTHMAX SR 46 for rigid dump trucks operating at mines, dams and large worksites. This solution is available in the largest size BKT has ever manufactured: 33.00 R 51.

With a diameter of over three metres, the Giant EARTHMAX SR 46 tire weighs 2,400 kilograms.

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