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World of Asphalt/AGG1 2024: bigger and better

2024's World of Asphalt/AGG1 sets records in attendance and exhibit square footage space

April 30, 2024  By  Mike Lacey

A record number of professionals from around the world turned out for this year’s World of Asphalt and AGG1 Aggregates Academy & Expo. 

The show ran from March 25 to 27 in Nashville, Tennessee and set new records in both attendance and square footage.

More than 15,800 industry professionals took in the event, which broke the previous record of 11,400 set in 2022. Attendees were treated to a collection of equipment, products and services from across the aggregate and roadbuilding sector as more than 440 exhibitors were sprawled out across 207,000 square feet of space in Nashville’s Music City Centre. 

As well, 120 education sessions took place over the event’s three days. 


Wirtgen Group
Wirtgen Group used this year’s World of Asphalt and AGG1 Aggregate Academy & Expo for the North American debut of two new pieces of equipment. 

Compact Milling Machine W 150 Fi
Wirtgen states the compact milling machine W 150 Fi provides a higher milling performance with lower fuel consumption.

With a milling width of up to 1.8 metres, the W 150 Fi is designed for use on major construction projects with restricted space, such as inner-city locations.

“This has a 9L, 425 HP John Deere engine. Take that horsepower … and the F-series features, which have already been proven on the large milling machines, the mill assist operating system, all those features and benefits, and now we put it into the compact size machines as well. So we’re bringing everything and kind of downsizing it a little bit for what we’re doing,“ explains Tom Chastain, milling product manager with Wirtgen Group. 

A key benefit of the W 150 Fi is the Mill Assist machine control system, which allows the operator, particularly less experienced operators, to get sustainable and efficient machine operations with high productivity. The machine will do much of the heavy lifting, he says. 

“[We can] tell the machine, ‘hey, this is the drum we have, these are the teeth we’re running,’ Chastain explains. “The machine will do the rest of it for you. So, we take that guesswork out of the operation.”

As well, the basic and variable versions Multiple Cutting System (or MCS) allow the use of different milling drums with working widths from 0.6 metres to a maximum of 1.8 metres for greater flexibility and higher machine utilization rates.

“What we can also do with this machine is drop that entire five-foot housing, we can actually put a six-foot cutter underneath this machine, which turns the 150 Fi into the most compact, versatile, half-lane milling machine on the market today, which no one else can do. We can turn this machine into a Swiss Army knife,” Chastain says. 

Chastain notes the W 150 Fi also has Wirtgen’s Performance Tracker system, which uses a laser scanner to measure what is to be milled. Surface milling performance and milling volume are measured using GPS positioning and other sensors. This results in a more accurate calculation of the work completed on the project. 

“At the end of the day, we can close out that job, what we get –– square yards, cube yards, square feet, fuel, water, cutting tool consumption –– we can even see how many tonnes we loaded into the trucks we loaded that day. We see idle time, wash down, all that valuable job data that we need.”

Wirtgen Group’s Matt Graves (foreground) and Tom Chastain discuss the Compact Milling Machine W 150 Fi. Photo: Mike Lacey

MOBIREX MR 100 NEO impact crusher
Kleemann used this year’s show to announce it is bringing the MOBIREX MR 100i NEO mobile impact crusher to the North American market.

The NEO is the baby brother of the MR 110i EVO2. It has a crusher inlet of 40 inches by 30 inches, and a feed capacity of up to 276 US t/hr. 

Kleemann notes because of its low transport weight, the NEO is a flexible machine that can operate in tight spaces on work sites and easily move to new locations. As well, the NEO can be used for different recycling applications, such as the processing of concrete, rubble and asphalt, to the processing of soft to medium-hard natural stone. 

“[The NEO] comes in two drives: a D-drive or an E-drive. D-drive is the diesel drive, the E-drive is the electric drive,” explains Matt Graves, director of marketing with Wirtgen Group. 




The MOBIREX MR 100 NEO impact crusher. Photo: Kleemann

“Because the diesel engine drives generators that drive all the systems, we can also typically put most of our crushers up to line power. So, almost everything in our crushing lineup can be set up where diesel generator gets shut off, we hook the generator to line power and then you’re off and running completely CO2 free.” 

The NEO is currently available in Europe but will soon be for sale in North America. 

Graves notes that much of Wirtgen’s equipment is developed in consultation with those working in the field. 

“We go directly to the contractors as they’re working, bring our engineers in from Germany, bring our R&D people in from Germany, and have that conversation about how we can help you become more effective, more efficient, more sustainable. Smart, safe and sustainable. You’re hearing that a lot lately. That is something that has been core to our philosophy as a company for a long time.”

Astec Industries
Astec Industries’s booth highlighted some of the latest technology the company has coming to the market. 

Vari-Frequency Screen Technology
Astec boasts that its new Vari-Frequency technology will eliminate screen cloth blinding. 

According to Astec, the design uses supportive cables that prevent plugging and blinding, which will increase capacity, and decrease maintenance and cleaning costs. 

“Anyone out there that has ever run a screen box of any type (and there are multiple types of screens out in the industry that have experienced the issue of blinding at some stage), this technology that we have on the lower deck helps reduce that blinding and eliminate it in most cases,” explains Stephen White, aggregate processing expert with Astec Industries. 

Astec states the key highlights of the new technology are:

  • Uses standard, side-tensioned screen wire cloth.
  • Functionality is achieved through a deck that generates multiple vibrations throughout the length of the screen. 
  • Self-cleaning technology eliminates need to for manual cleaning.
  • Does not require an external power source.
  • Screen has common interface points with other low-profile screens for easy replacement.

The technology is expected to be available on the market later this year. 

IntelliPac Moisture System
One of Astec’s more popular pieces of new technology at this year’s show was the IntelliPac Moisture System. Astec believes the system will revolutionize asphalt production as it offers an unparalleled look at aggregate moisture levels. 

Advanced features also provide operators with real-time data and insights, which the company explains allow for precise adjustments that can result in significant cost savings.

“This is a fully integrated system to monitor your moisture control. This unit is doing it in real time. It also has a health diagnostic to make sure that its running at the performance it needs to be,” explains Astec’s Aaron Schoolfield.  

“It’s going to have control authority on your plant … So, when it sees the moisture change in value it will adjust accordingly.”

Those real-time moisture values provided by the system enable operators to make on-the-fly adjustments. Astec notes this level of visibility into aggregate moisture levels allows for a more precise addition of liquid asphalt cement to ensure optimal asphalt mix consistency. As well, operators can fine-tune burner operations based on real-time moisture values. This will improve energy efficiency and reduce costs.

The system also has comprehensive data logging so virgin aggregate moisture levels can be tracked and analyzed for historical trends. 

The technology generated quite a bit of interest from those who attend the show. 

“[There is] a long list of leads from first five hours of launch. The first few hours it’s been very popular,” says Schoolfield. 

Operator Environmental Awareness System
Astec’s latest software will improve safety features during the operation of heavy equipment. 

The Operator Environmental Awareness System software will stitch together different camera angles to provide machine operators with a 360-degree view of what is around their equipment. However, it also does much more. 

“It will segment between if you’re looking at an obstacle or a person,” explains Astec’s Tim Lenger. “So, with that 360 view and being able to decide what’s a human and what’s not, it will allow the machine to back up to obstacles a little closer than it can now.”

Astec plans on having the technology on the market in the fourth quarter of 2024. 

SmartEdge Joint Detection
Astec’s new laser technology was developed for the F-series Roadtec Pavers. SmartEdge will provide a precise 3D model of a concrete or asphalt vertical edge. This will allow for precision joint matching during paving, and ensure improved longitudinal joints and correct overlap.  

Haver & Boeker Niagara
Haver & Boecker Niagara showcased its Rhino Hyde liners at this year’s show. 

Haver & Boecker Niagara is a leading manufacturer of screening, pelletizing and mineral processing plants and systems for the mining, aggregate and industrial mineral industries. 

For use in quarries, Rhino Hyde liners can be employed in screening, material handling and hauling.

Rhino Hyde liners are constructed from thermoset polyurethane. The company states the liners boast superior abrasion resistance, durability and chemical resistance compared to alternatives like thermoplastic polyurethane, rubber or metal.

The liners are customized to the required size and tailored to suit each customer’s needs. They are available in multiple different styles and attachment systems including the classic Rhino Hyde Blue, magnetic, urethane-backed ceramic, polyurethane blades, belt skirting and weldable liners. 

Masaba showed off the latest version of its Magnum telescoping conveyor at this year’s show, with the new patented GEN2 track drive integrated into the machine to create improved engagement between teeth and drives.

The conveyor is available in single- or dual-tracked options, with this new updated track drive shipping standard on all units. The conveyor is configurable in multiple different axle drive systems, including folding axle, swing axle with hydrashift and swing axle with chain and sprocket drive.

Conveyors range between 100 and 195 feet, with custom-engineered options also available through Masaba.

The Magnum’s track drive also eliminates cable maintenance and the resulting issues with winch systems, including breakage and uncontrolled rollback. Further resilience is added through a load roller system designed for equal load distribution across all support rollers, minimizing stress on critical components.

Operators have access to the machine through Masaba’s programmable logic controller (PLC), which features an oversized colour touchscreen and allows users to select between four customizable programs for stockpile preferences.

Metso introduced the Nordberg HP350e cone crusher at the event. This is the latest unit in the Nordberg HPe crusher series. The Nordberg HP350e offers enhanced performance, easier and safer maintenance, and a series of other improvements. 

The first crusher in the HPe series, the Nordberg HP200e, was launched last year. 

Nordberg HPe series crushers will be also available as US compliant Nordplant Pre-designed Crushing Modules. These modules provide an all-in-one delivery with quick assembly for replacing crushing stations or in new quarries. 

Metso also unveiled the first HPe series crusher on tracks for improved mobility. The Lokotrack LT200HPX is equipped with a Nordberg HP200e cone crusher and a two-deck pre-screen with up to 40 per cent higher capacity than the LT200HP.    

Other Metso products introduced at AGG1 include:

  • Several new wear part products, including new chamber solutions for the Nordberg HP Series cone crushers and Nordberg C Series jaw crushers. 
  • The Metso Metrics cloud-based telematics system, which provides 24-hours-a-day seven-days-a-week access to critical machine data from web-enabled devices. A new feature is Metrics Production Tracker, an optional add-on that provides mass flow information on the Lokotrack conveyor.
  • Metso’s new TSE series screen is a high-performance horizontal screen used in a wide range of wet or dry applications in coarse or fine screening. The TSE screens can handle feed sizes up to 10 inches and openings up to three inches. TSE’s design enables high energy elliptical
    motion up to 6G.

Bridgestone Americas
Bridgestone Americas used the event to debut its new V-Steel Z Traction construction tire, the company’s latest 25-inch product for loader and grader applications. The company states the new VZT’s advanced tread compounds were engineered to help improve heat, cut and tear. Compared to previous tires, the VZT is expected to increase total tire life by up to 15 per cent. The tire also has a new tread pattern design with nine per cent improved traction, with low-angle centre block and self-cleaning wide shoulder groovers for wet, muddy surfaces and challenging terrain. 

The VZT is available in five sizes: 17.5R25, 20.5R25, 23.5R25, 26.5R25 and 29.5R25.

BOMAG unveiled its latest updates to its CR series pavers, including the introduction of the BOMAG CR 1030 T rubber track paver. It also featured two electric machines from BOMAG’s e-PERFORMANCE offering.

Next year’s World of Asphalt and AGG1 takes place in St. Louis, Missouri, from March 25 to 27. 

With files from Jack Burton

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