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Aerium Analytics goes international

June 20, 2017  By Government of Alberta

June 19, 2017 – Aerium Analytics is the latest Alberta business to go international thanks to support from the Alberta Export Expansion Package (AEEP). 

Aerium Analytics held a demonstration for the exclusive Robird technology at the Edmonton International Airport on June 19.

Aerium Analytics is a Calgary-based company that has become a full member of the Alberta Aerospace and Technology Centre (AATC) based out of the Edmonton International Airport (EIA). The company works in Alberta’s aerospace and defence sector. They received funding from the AEEP to participate in the Japan Aerospace Exhibition, where they met Dutch company Clear Flight Solutions and formed a partnership on an exclusive technology called Robird.

“Expanding the reach of Alberta businesses abroad means more opportunities for economic growth and diversification – and new jobs – at home. That’s why we are working with business leaders to make it easier to connect with new potential partners, investors and customers from around the world,” said Deron Bilous, Minister of Economic Development and Trade.


Robird is a robotic bird that mimics predatory birds and can be safely used as a non-disruptive technology for preventing bird strikes on aircrafts. This technology also has broad applications in energy, such as preventing birds from landing in tailings ponds or flying into wind power turbines, as well as in agriculture and forestry.

“The support that Aerium has received from the Government of Alberta and the Alberta Export Expansion Package has been monumental in our growth and exposure to new markets over the past eight months. From Alberta’s International Offices in Japan and Mexico to the trade and investment group in Alberta, AERIUM can proudly say that the Alberta government has been a true partner in supporting the growth and development of Alberta companies and opportunities throughout the world,” said Jordan Cicoria, managing director of Aerium Analytics.

As a partner, Aerium will be the official distributor and service provider for Robird in North America, including at the EIA where Aerium held a Robird demonstration today.

“The Government of Alberta’s presence is critical for our companies to compete and take advantage of international markets. As this project demonstrates, they act as a catalyst for new business relationships and growth for Alberta companies internationally. Opening doors for Alberta businesses to work with international companies is igniting economic diversification, building our technology sector and making Alberta globally competitive. We are proud to deploy Robird, an example of this technology, locally at Edmonton International Airport,” said Tom Ruth, president and CEO of EIA.

Since the AEEP launched in October 2016, 167 applications for funding requests have been approved through the package’s Export Support Fund program, which helps help Alberta small businesses cover costs of breaking into new markets.

To date, the Export Support Fund program has provided approximately $925,000 to Alberta small and medium-sized businesses entering new markets.

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