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A Canadian First

Double K begins work with Canada’s first SDLG loader

June 11, 2014  By  Andrew Macklin

In October of 2013, Shandong Lingong, or SDLG as they are more commonly
known, announced that they had officially opened up a North American

In October of 2013, Shandong Lingong, or SDLG as they are more commonly known, announced that they had officially opened up a North American operation. Based in California, the company was starting with an initial 10 distributors across the U.S. and one in Canada – Redhead Equipment of Regina.

 The LG938L is the other wheel loader made available by SDLG for the North American market, featuring a 2.4 cubic yard bucket.


SDLG, which was started in 1972 in Shandong province in China, first gained international attention in 2006 when it was announced that the company had entered into a joint partnership with Volvo, initially to provide technical and management expertise. One year later, an additional investment by Volvo saw the company double its production to 30,000 units per year.


SDLG is one of several Asian-based construction equipment manufacturing companies that have worked to set up a base of operations in North America in an effort to infiltrate this market.

Sanland Crushing and Grinding Equipment announced in April of 2013 that it is setting up its North American distribution in Sudbury, carrying the company’s lines of gyratory and jaw crushers, vibratory screens and conveyor systems.

Sany established a presence in North America in 2006 in Peachtree, Georgia, but it was just two years ago in February 2012 that its first excavator rolled off the production line in North America.

First customer
When SDLG announced its first product offering in North America, the company chose to focus on two wheel loader models, the 2.4 cubic yard LG938L and the 4.0 cubic yard LG959. The two models would provide a simpler, lower-cost alternative to some of the bigger names in the industry also producing loaders in that class.

 The SDLG LG959 is being used by Double K in a secondary application including moving aggregates on road construction sites.


Redhead Equipment was already in the business of selling wheel loaders before taking on the SDLG line. Redhead, which has five locations scattered throughout the major cities in Saskatchewan, already sold Case and Volvo wheel loaders as part of its distribution agreements, in addition to aggregates and road building equipment from Terex Finlay and Dynapac, and additional Case and Volvo products. Bringing in SDLG offered a new machine at a lower price point, which could be attractive for customers using wheel loaders in secondary applications rather than in rigorous day-to-day use.

Enter Double K Excavating, based in Tuxford, Sask. Double K has been in operation for over 30 years, providing road construction, water and sewer pipeline, and a host of other general construction services. The company, located about 20 minutes north of Moose Jaw, does a lot of work in the residential construction market. They provide road construction and water and sewer services for new subdivisions, as well as similar services for the mining community.

In Double K’s operation, the wheel loader is a secondary machine used to carry piping, move stockpiles and provide support services throughout the jobsite. The use of the loader is more about capacity and less about needing a heavy-duty machine to withstand constant operation in heavy-hauling conditions each day.

“We do not use the loader all day, every day on our job sites,” says Cole Koch, superintendent and part owner of Double K Excavating. “So for us to pay $80,000 to 100,000 more for a heavy-duty model doesn’t make sense.”

But that was the original financial reality facing Double K when they found themselves in need of a new wheel loader for their fleet. The company had previously purchased Case and Volvo loaders from Redhead, with whom they had developed a long-standing relationship.

“Ninety per cent of the equipment we own we purchased from Redhead Equipment,” says Koch. “They are a reliable dealer and we are very happy with their service.”

After consulting with Redhead, Double K decided to purchase the LG959 wheel loader from SDLG, the larger of the two units made available in North America. In early-December, 2013, it was announced by SDLG that this was the first loader they had sold in North America.

But price and daily use were not the only factors that cemented the decision for Double K to purchase the SDLG loader. There were other features that made the company decide that the loader was the right fit for their operation.

“The loader we bought also came with a quick attach coupler, which will allow us to put forks on it,” says Koch. “That is the direction we are going in with the company, providing ourselves with more versatility. Plus it came with a Volvo motor, which we are confident in based on our previous experience.”

Today, a few months following the addition of the SDLG loader, Double K Excavating is pleased with the newest member of its equipment fleet.

“There is nothing wrong on the machine, no real complaints at all,” says Koch. “The loader isn’t as refined as the Case or Volvo loaders in our fleet, but that’s okay because it’s not used all day, every day.”

That’s good news for SDLG, which is trying to find its place in a crowded construction machinery market in North America. The company has already added a new U.S. dealer, Flagler Construction Equipment in Florida, and has announced that it plans to add more new distributors to its network in North America in 2014.

SDLG may currently be confined to the Saskatchewan market in Canada, but the experience of this country’s first SDLG loader operator could help boost the national presence of this emerging company.

SDLG’s North American offerings
Here is a closer look at what the SDLG loaders offer for Canadian customers:

LG938L Standard Features

  • Deutz 6.1 liter, tier 4i-certified engine with reversible cooling fan
  • ZF 4WG158 powershift transmission with twist grip control and kickdown function
  • SDLG dry-disc brakes on all 4 wheels
  • Air conditioned operator cab with AM/FM radio and USB interface
  • Cab is ROPS / FOPS – ISO EN 3449, ISO EN 3471, ISO EN 3164 certified
  • Single lever control with separate third function
  • Full powered third function hydraulics
  • General purpose bucket – 2.4 yd3 (1.8 m3), 99” (2520 mm) wide, hook-on, with bolt-on edge protection

LG959 Standard Features

  • Deutz 7.1 liter, tier 3-certified engine with reversible cooling fan
  • ZF 4WG200 powershift transmission with twist grip control and kickdown function
  • ZF limited slip axles with internal wet brakes
  • Air conditioned operator cab with AM/FM radio and USB interface
  • Cab is ROPS / FOPS – ISO EN 3449, ISO EN 3471, ISO EN 3164
  • Single lever control with separate third function
  • Hydraulic quick coupler – ISO Interface – in cab actuation switch
  • General purpose bucket – 4.0 yd3 (3.1 m3), 119” (3000mm) wide, hook-on, with bolt-on edge protection

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