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407 ETR opens new lane in each direction in area between Highway 401 and Highway 410

Investment in 33 km of new lanes and investment in the GTA communities served by 407 ETR

November 18, 2020  By Newswire

Toronto – 407 ETR announced the official opening of 33 new lane kilometres on Highway 407 ETR between Highway 401 and Highway 410. There is now an additional lane in each direction in this area to maintain the flow of traffic for drivers.

This marks the third year in a row that 407 ETR has added new lanes on the Highway and signifies its ongoing investments to enhance and expand the roadway and driving experience.

Since privatization, 407 ETR has effectively doubled the Highway 407 ETR’s capacity, adding more than 600 lane kilometres since 2001. This work has been completed in an efficient manner to keep traffic moving – and at no cost to taxpayers. All of the work completed was done under COVID-19 requirements for construction and the new lanes were inspected and approved for opening by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

The decision to proceed with investment into additional lanes took place despite the various socio-economic unknowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic as the company believes being prepared for the recovery and managing traffic is of the utmost importance.


The Highway has now been built to approximately 90 per cent of its maximum number of lanes. Careful planning continues on how to best manage traffic to ensure that drivers continue to save time and enjoy a safe trip with reliable trip times.

As construction proceeded, the Company immediately responded to the impact of the pandemic on local communities and hospitals across the GTA.

“407 ETR responded quickly to the pandemic and assisted the communities we serve by donating free travel to hospital staff across the corridor and by giving $5.2 million to hospitals and United Way agencies across the GTA for emergency response and to fund the recovery into 2021 and 2022,” said Javier Tamargo, president and CEO of 407 ETR. “This has been a vital time for our drivers and I am very proud of what we have been able to do on behalf of our customers, staff and the company.

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