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Astec Double Barrel drum dryer/mixer

May 24, 2022  By Astec

The Astec Double Barrel® drum dryer/mixer’s exclusive sequential mixing process excels at making quality mix on a consistent basis.

Sequential mixing ensures ingredients are added to the hot mixture in an order that allows better temperature equalization and even distribution of all particles throughout the mix.

You can see sequential mixing in action by clicking this link to the Astec Double Barrel Drum Dryer/Mixer video.

  • The Double Barrel sequence begins when aggregate enters the drum from the conveyor and passes through the flop gate, which minimizes air leakage into the drum.
  • From there, it passes through a series of veiling flights that transfer the heat from the burner to the aggregate.
  • The aggregate then exits the inner drum, dropping down into the outer drum shell, where paddles sequentially mix in RAP, liquid AC, and dust/filler in a flame-free environment. In this zone, the constituents are mixed for the remainder of the drum length before exiting to the drag.

Key Features:

  • 150-600 TPH (136-544 MTPH)
  • Portable or Stationary/Relocatable
  • Unique Design Uses the Entire Drum to Produce Mix with up to 50% RAP* content (to produce mixes with higher RAP content consider the Double Barrel XHR Drum Mixer)
  • Patented V Flights
  • Self-Cleaning Drum Reduces Build-Up in the Mixing Chamber
  • Compatible with Astec Warm Mix Systems

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