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Butler reduces emissions with hydrogen fuel enhancement system

April 20, 2022  By Business Wire

Butler Concrete and Aggregate celebrates the installation of a fuel enhancement system with a new concrete drum wrap design in collaboration with Empire Hydrogen Energy Systems Inc. The fuel enhancement system reduces carbon emissions during the transportation of concrete. (Photo: Business Wire)

Located in the rapidly developing area of Vancouver Island, Butler Concrete and Aggregate Ltd. has implemented a hydrogen and oxygen fuel enhancement system to their fleet of ready-mix concrete trucks with the help of locally owned and operated Empire Hydrogen Energy Systems Inc.

The innovative fuel enhancement system enables Butler to further reduce carbon emissions associated with the production and transportation of concrete.

“We are always examining operational improvements to reduce our carbon footprint. Our collaboration with Empire Hydrogen shows we can make a net positive difference when we work together and embrace innovation,” said Travis Butler, President, Butler Concrete and Aggregate.

Transportation is a critical component within the concrete and aggregate industry which contributes to the localized characterization of the market. The importance of situating concrete and aggregate sites near construction sites reduces transportation emissions. Further emission reductions are realized with technological improvements to enhance the efficiency of the vehicle’s fuel systems.


Empire Hydrogen’s technology enhances the existing diesel fuel system of Butler’s concrete trucks by using electrolysis to convert water into hydrogen and oxygen then injecting these gases into the engine’s air intake where the combustion process is enhanced. The results of Butler incorporating the Empire Hydrogen fuel enhancement system are reductions in diesel fuel consumption, CO2 and NOx emissions. Operational improvements like this contribute to Butler offering the cleanest and greenest concrete to the local construction industry backed by third-party verified Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

“Our goal to provide green solutions and address the growing requirements for energy consumption makes working with Butler a great fit. Our organizations realize the potential that technology holds to address global climate concerns – seeing our technology implemented at Butler reaffirms our mission to partner with industry and make our world a better place for future generations on a local and global scale” added Empire Hydrogen, Chief Executive Officer, Sven Tjelta.

Butler will continue to monitor and evaluate the Empire Hydrogen fuel enhancement system on its fleet over the next year and continue to align business strategy with serving the community and protecting the environment.

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