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Lafarge launches new wellness program for its employees

May 11, 2021  By Rock to Road Staff

Lafarge has launched a new wellness initiative for its employees to support their overall health and wellbeing – including a strong focus on mental health.

Wellness@Lafarge is designed to help workers on the job, and in their every day lives, the company said.

“The health footprint resulting from the Covid-19 global pandemic can be felt in all realms of life,” it said in a press release. “After more than a year of continued uncertainty, stress resulting from the ongoing crisis is taking a physical and psychological toll on us all: we understand that fatigue is real. With Health & Safety being a top priority for Lafarge Canada, promoting and supporting our employees’ wellness — a core component of overall health and wellbeing — is fundamental.”

“2021 continues to bring with it challenges that can be felt in the intangible—yet very real—effects that the pandemic is having on our everyday wellbeing. As a purpose led business, achieving wellness is a positive sum game, contributing to workplace engagement and our ability to live balanced and healthy lives” said David Redfern, CEO, Lafarge Eastern Canada.


Headspace app available to staff

One of the program’s highlights includes the rollout of Headspace: a mindfulness application available for all employees to download free of charge directly on their personal devices.

The app features a host of material to suit every need — from stress management tips, to guided meditation, narrated bedtime content to improve sleep quality, nutrition advice, physical workout activities and breathing exercises.

“Through this offering, we are equipping employees with tools they can rely on to better cope with and manage stress, calm the mind, gain perspective, and maintain balance so they can tackle the day with readiness and focus,” said Redfern.

“In addition to the program’s tools, the essence and value of Wellness@Lafarge resides in the internal community we are cultivating, where talking about how we feel is encouraged and normalized,” said Jessica Assaf, program lead. “Through the content we share on our communication channels, the wellness-inspired activities we organize across Eastern Canada, the support we get from our Wellness Ambassador at the local level, and leadership endorsement at the senior management level, Wellness@Lafarge is intended to bring mental health and overall wellness discussions to the forefront as a normal part of our corporate dialogue and culture,” she concludes.

Program ties into other employee benefits

While the current situation was not the reason for Wellness@Lafarge’s implementation, it certainly served as a catalyst and brought forward the need to further enhance Lafarge’s offering in Eastern Canada, ensuring employees have access to tools that can help ensure they are fit for duty.

The program ties in with new and existing resources available through Sunlife and Morneau Shepell and creates alignment between HR, Health & Safety and the newly formed Wellness Committee.

These three teams come together to provide a comprehensive, 360-degree approach to wellness in the workplace.


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